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Our fire engineering team is well-known in the industry for taking a proactive design and development approach to fire protection systems, ensuring that all our buildings comply with the latest fire safety guidance and legislation.

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Fire Engineering demands unique skills and experience, so it is important to include professionals who have acquired a wealth of knowledge through responding to numerous fire incidents. Green World Group’s expert staff can provide you with Fire Engineering Services at substantial savings.
Our team of experts can provide comprehensive building design and management services, incorporating professionals such as architects, surveyors, builders, and property owners. We specialize in Fire Engineering Services and have extensive experience responding to fires. Your company can save substantially on fire engineering costs by working with us. We are also experienced in collaborating with architects to deliver an economical fire engineering solution tailored to your project. Our expertise and understanding of fire engineering for historic structures as well as the impact of current laws on such buildings will be an additional benefit if the building in question is old or listed.

What is Fire Engineering Services?

Fire engineering services aim to ensure that buildings and their occupants are protected from the devastating effects of fire by designing, installing, and maintaining fire protection systems. Several fire engineering services can be provided, including fire risk assessments, fire safety training, installation of fire suppression systems, fire alarms, emergency lighting, fire doors, and smoke control systems. Fire risk assessment is an integral part of fire engineering services, as it involves identifying potential fire hazards and developing strategies to mitigate them. Additionally, fire safety training is an essential component of fire engineering services, as it teaches individuals how to prevent and respond to fires.

Difference Between Fire risk assessment and Fire Risk Audit

Fire risk assessment and audit are two related but distinct concepts in fire safety management.

Fire Risk Assessment:

Fire Risk Audit:

The fire risk assessment identifies and evaluates potential fire hazards and risks within a building or structure. It involves analyzing the likelihood of a fire occurring, the potential consequences of a fire, and the effectiveness of existing fire safety measures. Fire risk assessments are typically conducted by a competent person, such as a fire safety professional or safety consultant, and are required by law in many jurisdictions. A fire risk audit examines and evaluates the effectiveness of fire safety management procedures and systems within an organization or facility. A fire safety audit typically involves a comprehensive review of fire safety policies, procedures, training, and equipment and an assessment of the overall fire safety culture within the organization. External auditors typically conduct fire risk audits, which evaluate an organization’s fire safety performance independently.

In summary, fire risk assessment focuses on identifying and evaluating fire hazards and risks within a building or structure, while fire risk audit focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of fire safety management procedures and systems within an organization or facility.

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