Health and Safety Policy / Procedure / Method Statements

A Health and Safety Policy / Procedure / Method Statement outlines the standards, policies, and procedures necessary to protect employees and others while performing any work activity. It is essential that staff know about these documents and follow them.

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Companies with more than five employees are legally required to have written workplace health and safety policies and formal arrangements for managing workplace safety and health risks.

The policy shows that:

  • Organisations have taken health & safety responsibilities on high priority.
  • Employees can be formally informed or made aware of existing health and safety policies and procedures by the management
  • Well documented health and safety manuals and practices followed to make work environments safe can be shared to third parties such as customers, visitors, contractors and business partners. Such practice can lead to commercial benefit to the company.

Green World Group will ensure that your existing company policy document go well with the present set-up and can be inter-related with the three elements for your organization. Our comprehensively prepared Health & Safety Policy and Procedures Manual provides strong base and platform for the entire management process of health and safety.

Structure of the policy document:

  • Policy Statement (General Health and Safety and Welfare Policy)
  • The organization (For doing the policy Work)
  • Arrangements (for implementing the Health and Safety Policy)

Green World Group Health & Safety Policy Manual:

  • This is a well-researched manual which meets all the legal implications and safety needs of a company.
  • It provides the guaranty that all the workplace safety and health issues are comprehensively addressed through safety policies and procedures.
  • Excellent means of communication to workers and third parties about the existence of safe working policy and procedures within the work environment.
  • Establishes good practices to employees, clients, contractors, partners, visitors or associated companies, which will benefit the company in the long run.

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