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The Government regulations on occupational health and safety are mandated that every company should have a HSE professional who can safeguard employees from health and safety issues within the company.

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Safety professionals should have sufficient qualification and competency along with excellent field knowledge, experience and training to efficiently manage the job.

Green World Group has been offering competent safety and health professionals for various organizations who work under our pay roll. We will take care of his or her emoluments including annual benefits. The employment can be either a short-term or long-term service contract.

Industries and enterprises which have high-risk work environments need competent persons who should meet specific safety requirements such as lift operations or offering radiation protection. We have experienced and skilled personnel whom we can depute to take care of all your safety concerns. The cost of engaging our persons will be much lower than recruiting your own staff. Since we are the pioneer in providing HSE training courses to companies, organising regular training to your staff also will be within our scope. This will further reduce training cost, chance of accidents and also associated expenses due to legal implications.
At Green World Group, we have reputed and certified safety advisors who have industry-specific familiarity in dealing with risks and hazards and hence are ‘competent’ to offer advices.

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