Work At Height Safety Training for Employees

Employees who perform their work above the ground level need Work at height Training. Our specialized training highlights the risk of working in heights & equips employee with practical strategies to prevent potential hazards associated with elevated operations.

Minimize Trips Slips & Falls with our Work at height training & Reach your Height Safely

Our Training Includes

Basic Work at Height Hazards

Recognize potential dangers when working at heights, like unstable surfaces, weather conditions, electrical hazards, and falling objects.

Understanding of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Get a Clear understanding of the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to work safely at heights.

Fall Protection System

Stay updated with different fall protection systems like travel restraints, fall arrest systems, and fall-restricting systems to minimize the distance of a fall.

Falling Objects & Head Protection

Know about the securing tools, equipment, and materials to prevent accidental drops and minimize potential head injuries.

Work access equipment and Platforms Barriers

Understand the safe equipment use like scaffolds, ladders, aerial lifts, and mobile elevated work platforms and learn how to install and use guardrails to prevent falls.

Warning Method Types

Know the different warning methods, like signs, barricades, and audible alarms, to prevent height-related risks.

Anchor points

Learn how to identify and use secure anchor points for connecting fall protection equipment like harnesses and lanyards.

Emergency Rescue planning

Get practical drills and updated rescue plans to ensure a quick and effective response to height-related hazards.

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Benefits of Work at Height Training

  • It provides adequate knowledge and experience in selecting and setting up work at height equipment which are safe and ready to use
  • Trained Employees can instruct their co-workers on how to take necessary steps to meet the needs of proper statutory requirements.
  • It fosters a safety-focused environment, benefiting both employees and the organization.

Work at Height training is essential for all employees involved in work-at-height operations within the industries such as construction, manufacturing, Windmills, Power lines, oil& gas, and telecommunication. Our comprehensive training empowers your employees to make the right decisions in height-related challenges, from hazard identification to rescue planning.

Protect your workforce with our training & build a safer workplace.

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An Employee involved in the work at heights operation should be equipped with PPE such as a helmet, harness, high-visibility vest/jacket/tabard, eye protection, footwear, and protective gloves.
The ABC of work at height stands for Anchorage, Body Support, and Connectors. These principles guide the use of equipment to ensure secure attachment and prevent falls.
Use the Fall Protection system while working at heights or near unprotected edges, during roof work, and when using ladders, scaffolding, or aerial lifts.
Wear a safety harness at any height where a fall could cause injury, typically starting from 6 feet or higher.

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