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The IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) Certificate is a globally recognized certification boasting over 15,000 members worldwide. It demonstrates an individual’s competence and understanding of environmental sustainability principles. IEMA is a leading international professional body for environmental practitioners, and its certifications are widely respected across industries.

Green World takes pride in being India’s top choice for Health, Safety, and Environmental training. IEMA Certification are designed to transform individuals into catalysts for global sustainability. With a focus on social, economic, and environmental impacts, our IEMA certifications courses elevate professionals by enhancing their confidence and performance in addressing today’s pressing challenges.

Our IEMA Certification Courses Includes

Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is designed for individuals who are new to the field of environment or sustainability. It covers a wide range of environmental, sustainability, and governance principles.

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Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

IEMA’s Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers course helps managers & supervisors understand environmental sustainability strategic & operational implications on their business, Environment, regardless of industry sector.

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Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

IEMA’s Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce covers various sustainability and governance principles for individuals in all sectors. The goal is to incorporate environmental sustainability into every job role within a company.

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The IEMA courses empowers individuals with the right knowledge, skills, competencies, and confidence to drive environmental and sustainability initiatives and support businesses, governments and regulators in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions in environmental challenges. It is a cornerstone for organizations and professionals seeking to embrace, achieve, and propel global sustainability benchmarks. They emphasize the long-term impact of sustainability on organizational success, encompassing the management of environmental threats, cultural change, and the cultivation of resilience.

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Key facets of IEMA certifications

  • Certification Levels: Foundation, Practitioner, and Specialist levels cater to varied expertise.
  • Objective: Equips individuals to tackle organizational environmental challenges.
  • Industry Recognition: Globally respected, it signifies a commitment to sustainability, enhancing job market appeal.
  • Career Advancement: Enhanced career opportunities due to growing corporate emphasis on sustainability.
  • Organizational Benefits: Drive better environmental performance and ensure compliance..
  • Global Recognition: Valuable for international careers for environmental compliance.
  • Industry Compliance: Shows commitment to strict environmental regulations.
  • Sustainability Leadership: Positions individuals as leaders in guiding organizations towards sustainable practices.


    Course Benefits

    • Membership: Join a dynamic global community for knowledge and influence in environmental management.
    • Helping Individuals: Access career-boosting opportunities and a platform to engage with global environmental issues, regardless of experience level or location.
    • Helping Corporates: Collaborate with IEMA to navigate climate challenges and contribute to a sustainable future for industries and organizations worldwide.
    • Training: Access diverse learning options tailored for environmental professionals, fostering personal and organizational growth.
    • Organizational Benefits: Drive better environmental performance and ensure compliance..

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    The IEMA offers professional development, training, and short courses. The courses provide candidates with a detailed understanding of environmental and sustainability performance in the workplace, enabling them to assist in improving environmental practices in their organizations.

    This course is aimed at professionals who work in organizations at an operational level and are pursuing a career in the field of environment and sustainability.
    You’ll need a basic understanding of sustainability and/or environmental issues gained through work experience or a relevant course like a Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.
    IEMA is a 15-day course (120 hours), which can be learned by approved training providers through online.
    There are three knowledge-based assignments and one assessment of competence that should give examples of how the knowledge learned throughout the course has been applied practically within the workplace.

    Upon completing your assessment, you are eligible for Practitioner Membership with PIEMA designation and professional body benefits.