OTHM Level 7 Occupational Health and Safety Course

The OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management is a meticulously structured entry-level qualification aimed at professionals passionate about a health and safety career. This course is an optimal choice for anyone with the role to create and execute health and safety policies as their daily operations in the organization, more likely managers seeking improved understanding and knowledge.

The course is aimed at enhancing managerial skills in occupational health and safety. It is tailored to meet the needs of managers responsible for making the transition of organizational strategy to improved operational performance.

This qualification represents the most recent Occupational Health and Safety Management best practices. This means the participants are allowed to gain a detailed knowledge of occupational health and safety in the workplace environment.

Individuals, after their successful completion of the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management, become qualified for the Certified membership at the Cert IOSH level.

Entry Requirements

Learners should have the below minimum entry requirements to enrol in the course.

  • Any relevant Level 6 qualification like the OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety or similar

  • An honours degree (2.2) along with suitable expertise and proficiency in occupational health and safety


    Age Criteria

    • Should be 21 years or older when the learner starts this course

    OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety consists of 6 Units

    • Health and Safety Management Practice (20 credits)
    • Effectiveness of Health and Safety Management Systems (20 credits)
    • Factors Affecting Risk and Strategic Risk Intervention (20 credits)
    • Strategic Commitment to Health and Well-Being (20 credits)
    • Sustainability and Ethics in Health and Safety Practice (20 credits)
    • Advanced Research Methods (20 credits)

    Does this OTHM Level 7 diploma equal a degree?

    Situated on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), this OTHM Level 7 diploma equals a master’s degree. However, they are shorter with 120 credits, so recommend the learners to further their progress to the dissertation stage (60 credits). With the help of a university, learners can complete their full master’s programme.

    Progression after the completion of qualification

    Once this OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management qualification is successfully completed, learners can improve their growth in the existing profession. Also, they can groom their skills by continuing further studies and finding new career prospects.

    This qualification is recognized and regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), indicating that the learners can move on to pursue a Master’s top-up at a range of universities in the UK and abroad with advanced standing.

    Assessment and verification

    The comprehensive units of the OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management qualification are internally assessed by the centre and its external verification is carried out by the OTHM. They are criterion-referenced qualifications meaning that they are assessed based on the cumulative achievement of the relevant learning outcomes. Learners should submit evidence that reveals their potential to fulfil the learning outcomes and the standards based on the assessment criteria to get a ‘pass’ in a unit. The assessor offers an audit trail signifying the judgement of the achievement of learners.


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