Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) Course Certification

The Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) credential was established in 1971 by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Its aim is to identify and equip individuals with expertise in limiting fire damage in terms of financial and physical effects.

This internationally recognized certification focuses on fire prevention and improves an individual’s professional status, making them an exceptional candidate in their career.

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CFPS Professionals encompass a variety of roles, such as

  • Risk managers
  • Loss prevention specialists
  • Fire officers
  • Fire marshals
  • Fire inspectors
  • Safety managers
  • Fire protection consultants
  • Designers, engineers
  • Code enforcers
  • Facility managers

Why CFPS Certification Course?

  • CPFS certification recognizes individuals by showcasing their skills in the profession. It represents more than having one degree or specific roles. It signifies being a qualified professional capable of following a defined career path with job satisfaction.
  • Whether beginning a career or seeking career development, CFPS Certification has different advantages. It represents skills in protecting facilities from fire hazards, showcasing a solid commitment to one’s career and dedication to reducing related losses.
  • An academic degree is no longer enough to succeed in today’s emerging market. The CFPS Certification provides hands-on knowledge and abilities you may apply in your regular professional activities. The NFPA Fire Protection Handbook serves as the foundation for CFPS certification. This means you can ensure that your training will secure the organization and facility from physical and financial losses caused by fire incidents.

Learning Objectives of NFPA Certified fire protection specialist

  • Begin your journey toward CPFS certification
  • Make yourself comfortable with the structure and scope of the Fire Protection Handbook.
  • Gain a deep knowledge of the CFPS knowledge principles.
  • Enable learners to react to CFPS questions and pass the examination confidently.


    Learning Outcomes of Certified Fire protection specialist

    Upon successful completion of CFPS Certification, Learners will gain

    • Understanding the fire and its science
    • Knowledge of Safety measures and preventing methods of fires in built environments
    • Understanding Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems
    • Knowledge of hazards, fire prevention, and protection procedures for equipment, processes and facilities
    • Expertise in developing and implementing ignition prevention and early fire growth mitigation.
    • In-depth understanding of various fire suppression systems.
    • Introduction to Fire Risk Analysis, Fire Incident Data, and Fire Investigations.
    • Understanding Fire Confinement
    • An overview of the Fire Department’s Emergency and Non-Emergency activities.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The course is well-suited for

    • Project engineers or managers
    • Risk Engineers and Managers
    • Loss control or prevention professionals
    • Fire officers
    • Fire marshals
    • Fire inspectors
    • Fire and Safety Engineers or Managers
    • Safety consultants
    • Safety designers
    • Engineers
    • Code enforcers
    • Facility managers
    • Anyone directly or indirectly involved with fire and safety projects

    Eligibility Requirements of Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CPFS) Exam

    Learners must meet any one of the following requirements to be eligible for this certification,

    • Must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering/technology or a comparable field from an accredited institution or university, and two years of experience reducing fire losses.
    • Hold a relevant degree in engineering/technology or related field from a recognized university and at least four years of demonstrated expertise in mitigating fire loss, including physical and financial elements.
    • Have a high school graduation or equivalent certification and at least six years of hands-on experience decreasing fire loss (both physical and financial).

    CPFS Examination Information

    The CFPS Examination is based on the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook 20th Edition, a comprehensive guide to advanced fire protection and prevention practices.

    • Conducted as a Computer based test
    • Open Book Examination Format
    • 3 Hours Duration
    • 100 Multiple Choice Questions
    • 70% is the Passing Score

    Certification Validity

    • Validity – 3 Years
    • Points – 50 points