Confined Space Entry Attendant Training

Confined Space Entry Attendant Training is designed for employees who enter & work inside confined spaces. Our specialized Training equips your employees with safe work practices, risk identification & prevention, equipment usage, and emergency response plans to face the challenging workspace

Course Details

Duration 4 – 8 Hours 

Training Mode Online / in-company 

Language English

Prerequisites None

Assessment Onboard Exam

Course Details

Duration 4 – 8 Hours 

Training Mode Online / in-company 

Language English

Prerequisites None

Assessment Onboard Exam

“Raise your workplace safety with our enhanced training approach”

We understand the unique challenges and risks associated with confined spaces. We instill a safety-first mindset to guide your employees with up-to-date information and best practices for working in a confined space.

Our training includes

Duties of Confined Space Attender

Learn the crucial responsibilities of an Entry Attendant, from communication and monitoring to emergency response in maintaining a safe environment in confined spaces

Confined Space Entry Hazards

Gain knowledge on how to identify, assess, and mitigate risk and ensure your workforce has a high degree of safety

Basic Principles of Work Permits

Understand the importance of obtaining and correctly using work permits in compliance with industry regulations and standards

Significance of Gas Monitoring, Exposure Limits & Ventilation

Get expertise in the use of monitoring equipment, adequate air quality, exposure limits, and ventilation in maintaining a safe atmosphere within confined spaces

Key Considerations for Confined Space Pre-Entry

We educate employees on proper confined space safety protocols, safety procedures for gas-related emergencies, and evacuation plans to handle unexpected incidents

Practical Demonstration of Gas Testing and Proper Breathing Apparatus

Get hands-on demonstrations of gas testing and the correct utilization of breathing apparatus to build confidence in confined space entry

Benefits of Confine Space Entry Attender Training

  • It helps to identify potential dangers & enables employees to take timely mitigation and accident prevention
  • It makes attendees understand the importance of conveying information and addressing emergencies in confined spaces
  • It provides safe evacuation plans, ensuring workers have accurate data to make informed decisions.
  • It ensures practical knowledge to analyze the equipments are functioning correctly, accurately detecting gases

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Entry Attendants play a crucial role in maintaining safety. Their primary duties are

  • Constant communication with workers inside the confined Space
  • Monitoring conditions for hazards
  • Ensuring proper ventilation and regulating access
  • Assisting in emergency responses
  • Maintaining incident records and inspecting safety equipment
  • Falls From Height
  • Getting struck by falling objects
  • Entrapment in machinery
  • Electrocution

Entry Attendants use two-way radios, visual signals, tether lines, remote monitoring equipment & audible alarms to communicate with workers inside confined Spaces

Working in confined spaces is based on time limitations due to factors like air quality, atmospheric conditions, and the potential for fatigue and increased risk over extended periods. The work permit can only be good for a maximum of 12 hours in a shift.

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