Health and Safety Audit and Inspection

Our Health & Safety Audits and Inspections are often the starting point of client engagements and act as our platform for ensuring compliance with all applicable legislation.

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Green World Group Health & Safety Audit and Inspection has been the focal point when we engage with a new client and subsequently become a platform of offering health and safety compliance with relevant regulations and practices.

To help companies achieve their health and safety compliances, we undertake the following three steps:
1. Our health & safety Audit is conducted by a well-qualified and knowledgeable HSE consultant, who will:

  • Analyze to what extent your company has complied with relevant safety practices and legislation?

  • Assess your enterprise’s health & safety system, safe practices and management policies.

  • Include the needs to manage all occupational dangers and health risks as summarized in HSE guidance

2. Post completion of the Auditing, we undertake Workplace Health & Safety Inspection, which includes:

  • A thorough inspection of every section of the workplace
  • Checking the overall compliance level of health and safety
  • Providing guidance and advice with regard to compliance procedures, regulations and best practices.
  • Interaction with employees where ever required to understand the risk factors

3. Recording observations and suggestions resulted from Health and Safety Audit while preparing a comprehensive report, which includes:

  • An elaborate summary mentioning important findings, priorities and advisories
  • Preparing an action plan which should cover all observations and suggestions.
  • Relevant photographs.
  • Audit Checklist prepared by the management
  • Checklist which contain workplace inspection details
  • Auditing document of Health and Safety

Such auditing activities are completed to obtain ISO 45001:2018 / ISO 14001:2015 certification or for just as a routine activity as per clients’ needs to meet safety compliance obligations.

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