Work Place Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is identifying potential sources of harm to employees at work to confirm that adequate precautions have been taken to prevent injury or harm.

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A hazard can cause harm, such as substance, equipment, working methods, the work environment and other aspects of work organization. On the other hand, Risk is the likelihood of harm due to a hazard.
Identifying potential hazards and managing health and safety risks is essential to ensure a safe working environment.

The level of risk will be influenced by the following:

  • The probability of harm happening.
  • The severity of the harm, such as injury or negative health outcome.
  • The number of individuals who could potentially be exposed to the hazards

Our risk assessments can help you:

  • Understand the need for conducting risk assessment for specific work conditions while performing our health and safety audit and inspections.
  • Offer Risk Assessor training for selected workers.
  • Create various risk assessment templates to cover wide range of activities.
  • Provide specialized and specific risk assessment services
  • Make workers understand about risk-control measures being taken.
  • Provide you regular reviews.

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