Health and Safety Outsourcing

Health and Safety Outsourcing provides companies with additional resources to ensure they comply with health and safety regulations. Professional companies can help businesses create robust safety plans and provide on-site support to meet safety standards. This can help to reduce workplace accidents and protect employees.

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As per the regulatory norms, every organization is duty bound to provide competent safety and health support to their staff. To have high level competent staff means huge recruitment cost and other recurrent expenses to the company. You can reduce the cost by outsourcing competent health and safety professionals.

Green World Group provides health and safety services to manufacturing and other corporate companies who, as per the company policy, due to reorganization or cut cost, want to engage HSE professionals who can take good care of their health and safety issues and other activities. It has now become the practice for most of the companies to outsource their health and safety needs and reap the benefits compared to have their own safety personnel.

We believe that Green World Group is the right choice for your health and safety needs due to our:

  • Customized and economical service to suit your needs.
  • Practical guidance
  • Simplified approach
  • Assurance and confidence
  • Collaborate with one of the top firms in Health and Safety
  • Our experts hold various accreditations from CMIOSH, NEBOSH, and IOSH.

Services we offer

Apart from offering full time safety and health staff, we offer a slew of services to our clients to undertake individual projects that include conducting health and safety audits and inspections, HSE training to new and existing staff, fire risk assessments, updating, reviewing or making new HSE manual, advisory services and much more.
We have a huge client base across the world who relay on us to outsource competent health and safety professionals, and Green World Group has the reputation of providing highly competitive staff as safety and health experts who can adopt to any work environment. Each of our Contract Service Agreement is customized to individual client’s needs. Every contract we sign with clients is unique!

Contracts may include the following services:

  • Serving as one of your Health and Safety Competent Persons.
  • Enhancing client retention by assisting with client tenders’ health and safety aspects.
  • Reviewing health and safety arrangements.
  • Conducting a Health and Safety Management Audit.
  • Performing a Workplace Health and Safety Property Inspection.
  • Completing or conducting an Annual Review of Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Carrying out a Fire Audit.
  • Creating and maintaining personalized Health and Safety Policies and Procedures.
  • Developing customized Forms to implement Policies and Procedures.
  • Conducting Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Assessments.
  • Coordinating workplace risk assessments.
  • Participating in Health and Safety Action Planning meetings.
  • Attending Health and Safety Committee meetings.
  • Attending ad hoc meetings.
  • Investigating Serious Accident Incidents.
  • Liaising with Enforcing Authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authority.
  • Providing Health and Safety training for various roles such as Directors and Managers, Fire Marshal, Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Risk Assessor, DSE Risk Assessors, Manual Handling, Stress Awareness, COSHH, Control of Contractors, Permit to Work, Work at Height, and other H&S training.

  • Offering NEBOSH / IOSH Training for staff.
  • Providing ongoing expert advice through email and telephone support.
  • Producing a Health and Safety Annual Report.
  • Conducting an Access Audit (previously known as a Disability Discrimination Act Audit or Disabled Access Audit).
  • Conducting an Environmental Protection Audit.
  • Performing an Occupational Stress Audit.

Our consultancy Services Includes

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