NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

A perfect introduction to health and safety!

This introductory qualification will help improve the safety culture in your organization by equipping your workforce to identify and deal with hazards at work, which in turn helps reduce accidents and save cost for the business.

The qualification is designed to fulfil the needs of international audience. This qualification is an ideal first step toward other higher level NEBOSH qualifications, including NEBOSH’s International General Certificate and National General Certificate.

The NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work provides a good basic understanding of health and safety and is ideal for individuals who need a solid introduction to the subject as well as for organisations that want to improve their safety culture. The award is based on international standards and is aimed at anyone who needs to understand the principles of health and safety as part of their job.

People who are likely to benefit from this qualification:

  • Internationally recognized qualification and valued by employers
  • Can gain the confidence to manage and control workplace risks effectively
  • Provides a strong foundation for further assistance in HSE career
  • Enables with practical skills and knowledge to implement hazard-free environment

What does the course cover?

This 4-days course covers the basic health and safety principles and practices essential in the workplace. These include:

  • Understanding risk assessments and control strategies
  • Applying these control strategies to a number of common workplace hazards, including fire, electrical, transport and manual handling.

How is it assessed?

Units HSA1 of the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award is assessed by a three-hour workplace health and safety review

HSW Syllabus
HSW Leaflet

Learning Mode

NEBOSH Health and Safety at Workplace (HSW) can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
E – Learning
In Company Training

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