Health and Safety Annual Report

Our comprehensive Health and Safety Annual Report is part of our commitment towards Health and Safety outsourcing services which we offer to companies of various industries.

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As per the existing legislation, employers are required to monitor workplaces and make necessary arrangements to manage professional risks, dangers and hazards.

We extend our services to employers and our Annual Report reviews the health and safety performance. The report can be a useful document for senior management to understand the key health and safety issues of the business.

It is also prudent to include the health and safety report in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as companies consider this as the top-most agenda before taking up any other listed issues.

The major goal of the Annual Health and Safety report is to trace and document overall health and safety performance of your company against the primary safety goals which include reducing the number of workplace illness and accidents and creating safer and incident-free work zone. The report should deliberate and register the health and safety performance as against pre-determined Health and Safety Corporate Plan.

The Health and Safety Annual Report template includes the following information:

  • Policies and procedures related to health and safety
  • Risk management strategies for health and safety
  • The preceding year’s goals
  • The goals for the upcoming year
  • Strategy for communication
  • Data on incidents and accidents
  • Costs associated with work-related absences
  • Statistics regarding fires
  • Health and Safety Training Overview
  • There are other health and safety items that should be added to the agenda

In case of any incident in your organization, by showing the Annual health and safety report to third party organizations and individuals such as health and safety executives, local safety authorities and fire authorities, you can demonstrate your organisation’s commitment towards occupational health and safety of your employees.

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