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Green World Group was one among the pioneer when it begun its health and safety training right around 16 years back. Till date Green World Group holds the name and fame of record-breaking results and has a positive impact in occupational health and safety course in Kolkata. Safety aspirants and students will be get profited by the International health and safety courses by GWG in Kolkata. Our each and every health safety courses are recognized internationally which helps candidates to get placed in any kind of reputed industry throughout the world

Mode of Study: Class Room, Online / e-Learning, Distance Education

NEBOSH Course Fees in Kolkata

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You can study the NEBOSH Course online from anywhere in the world with the help of a digital medium (computer/laptop/other smart devices with internet support).

Safety Officer Courses in Kolkata

Nebosh Course Key Facts



Nebosh IGC

(International General Certificate)

(Level / 3)



IG1 & IG2

Exam Type

OBE (Open Book Exam)


Learning Mode

Virtual Live Training / E-Learning / In-Company Training


Green World

The Nebosh Gold Learning


Tranining Sessions

Day / Evening / Friday
/ Sunday



Recommended 105 Hours

(Taught + Self Study)


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68% Exclusive Discount in Course Fee


IOSH + OSHA + 9 FREE HSE Certifications


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NEBOSH Course in Kolkata

What is Nebosh course ?

Among all safety qualifications, NEBOSH course stands apart due to its wide acceptance by industries around the world. NEBOSH courses can make the participants thorough safety professionals who can independently take decision and introduce and manage safety regulations and standards across all industries.

What is Nebosh

Why take the NEBOSH IGC ?

NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) course is the most popular among NEBOSH courses, as this qualification introduces students and workers with various aspects of workplace safety standards, regulations, advantages, advancements, latest trends and safety audit procedures.

Learn more about NEBOSH IGC course

Am I eligible to Study NEBOSH IGC?

The course can be studied by anyone who has the basic knowledge and understanding of occupational health and safety.


  • NEBOSH has authorized multiple accredited educational institutes, including Green World Group ( NEBOSH Center No: 733 ), to train students aspiring to receive NEBOSH certifications in Kolkata.
  • We had successfully completed 1450+ NEBOSH Batches
  • We are the Market Leader in Providing Quality NEBOSH training; having excellent pass percentage of students appearing for NEBOSH Exams.
  • Being the popular NEBOSH institute in Kolkata, our experienced tutors take special attention to every individual learner so that students get complete grasp of the subject and perform well in the exams.
  • Along with NEBOSH package we offer additional popular and industry-oriented safety courses to students and serving people, so that they can excel in their career.
  • You can have access to online toolkit with NEBOSH Classroom, Which has been of Great support to the student for Examination with loads of Training tutorials and Guidance.

About Green World Group

Green World Group, being a leader in imparting quality education and career guidance to thousands of young students and experienced workers on the importance of protected and healthy work conditions, has been offering various accredited and industry-specific safety courses to create strong group of efficient and hard-working safety workers and managers.

The Group has been offering some of the most popular safety training courses such as fire and safety course, industrial safety course, safety engineering course, safety management course, industrial safety management course through its training centre spread across various nations.

Green World Group provides flexible training solutions, educating HSE skills to the candidates via classroom based as well as blended learning teaching programs.

Class Room Training with Exclusive Features

  • Unlimited Training
  • 1-1 Tutor Support for Every Students
  • Experienced Trainer for Training & Mock Exams
  • Multiple Mock Exams
  • Special Attn. for beginners & Slow Learners

Who is a health and safety officer ?, And Why safety officer is important?

Workers associated with different industries in and around Kolkata experience various occupational related risks, dangers, or health hazards which can lead to disasters, loss of lives or closures. To prevent workplace incidents, employers engage well-trained safety officer and associated personnel who work in tandem to create safe and reliable work conditions.
Fearing huge penalty and loss of reputation as well as skilled labourers, companies engage well qualified and competent safety managers who can devise suitable mechanism to prevent employees becoming victims to accidents and hazards. Those who are looking for a career in safety field have great prospects as every industry, irrespective of its nature and field, require safety professionals to safeguard their employees.

Mode of Study: Class Room, Online / e-Learning, Distance Education

Nebosh Safety Courses Fees & Upcoming Batches in Kolkata

NEBOSH IGC Virtual / Online Live Training (Worldwide) Schedule

Regular Evening Mon. (to) Thurs. Batch

Course Start Date End Date
Evening Batch 27th Nov’23 29th Dec’23
Evening Batch 04th Dec’23 05th Jan’24

Sunday– Weekend Batch

Course Start Date End Date
NEBOSH IGC 04th Dec’23 04th Feb’24

NEBOSH Open Book Examination Date

NEBOSH Open Book Exam Date of Exam
NEBOSH OBE for IG 1 & IG 2 06th Dec 2023
NEBOSH OBE for IG 1 & IG 2 17th Jan 2024

    NEBOSH IDIP Contact Classes – Virtual/Live Training Calendar
    (28 Days each for DI2, DI2 & DI3)

    Training Time: 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (UAE Time)

    NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals-E-learning mode
    (Enrollment from India)

    DI1 DI2 DI3
    08 May 2023 to 22 Jun 2023 26 Jun 2023 to 10 Aug 2023 14 Aug 2023 to 28 Sep 2023

    NEBOSH International Diploma
    Assessment Dates

    Unit Release Date Submission Date
    DI2 15 Mar 2024 30 May 2024
    DI3 19 July 2023 16 August 2023

    Our Other Popular Safety Courses in Kolkata

    IOSH Managing Safely Fire & Safety Courses Industrial Safety Courses IMS – Integrated Mgmt System (IRCA Std.) –
    (Internal Auditor Training)
    25th May 2023 25th May 2023 25th May 2023 25th May 2023
    25th Jun 2023 25th Jun 2023 25th Jun 2023 25th Jun 2023
    “We Prove Ourselves as No.1 HSE Institute by delivering the 1450+ NEBOSH Batches with Exceptional Pass Rates Across 195 Countries.”


    Virtual / Live Online Training with Exclusive Features

    Take your NEBOSH
    Certificate course online

    You can study the
    NEBOSH Course online
    from anywhere in the world
    with the help of a digital medium
    ( Computer / Laptop / other
    Smart devices with Internet support).

    Kolkata Safety Training Course Details

    Nebosh IDip

    NEBOSH IDIP(New Specification July 2020)

    Virtual Contact Class

    (28 Days Live Classroom Session for Each Unit –
    ID1, ID2, & ID3 with e-learning)

    Was Rs 1,25,000/-

    Offer Price Now Rs 1,10,000/- (Tax included)

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    IOSH Managing Safely + 4 HSE Courses

    Was Rs 15,999/-

    Offer Price Now Rs 13,999/- (Tax included)

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    Nebosh PSM

    + 4 Course Free

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    Nebosh HSW

    + 2 Course Free

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    Join Any 1 yr. National Diploma
    & Get 5 FREE HSE Qualifications
    (MOC – Management of Change in Process Safety – CPD, UK + Behavior Based Safety – CPD, UK + 2 KHDA Dubai Approved – First Aid Awareness + Fire Safety + Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles – CPD Stds. Office, UK)

    Rs 15,000/Rs 9,999/-

    Join 2 yrs. National Diploma
    & Get 4 FREE HSE Qualifications
    2 CPD UK – (HAZWOPERM, MOC in Process Safety)
    + 2 CPD Standards Office, UK – (Applied Principles of Workplace safey compliance, Applied Principles of Safety Management Systems)

    Rs 25,000/Rs 13,999/-

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    RoSPA & CPD Certified Courses


    Course Actual Price () Offered Price ()
    Any 1 RoSPA Course Rs 7,500 /- Rs 6,500 /- (Including Tax)
    Any 2 RoSPA Course Rs 13,000/- Rs 8,999 /- (Including Tax)
    Any 3 RoSPA Course Rs 19,500 /- Rs 11,999 /- (Including Tax)


    Course Actual Price () Offered Price ()
    Any 1 CPD UK Course Rs 7,500 /- Rs 6,500 /- (Including Tax)
    Any 2 CPD UK Course Rs 13,000/- Rs 7,999 /- (Including Tax)
    Any 3 CPD UK Course Rs 19,500 /- Rs 9,999 /- (Including Tax)
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    HACCP & Food Safety


    Course Actual Price () Offered Price ()
    Level 2 HACCP Training Rs 15,000 /- Rs 9,999 /- (Including Tax)
    Level 3 HACCP Training Rs 30,500/- Rs 24,999 /- (Including Tax)


    Course Actual Price () Offered Price ()
    Level 2 Food Hygiene safety Rs 15,000 /- Rs 9,999 /- (Including Tax)
    Level 3 Supervising Food safety Rs 30,500/- Rs 24,999 /- (Including Tax)
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    IMS – Integrated Management System – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 ( IRCA STD. )

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    EMS – Environmental Management & Sustainability – ISO 14001:2015 ( UKAF,CPD-UK )

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    IMS Integrated Management System
    Internal Auditing Course

    Environmental Management & Sustainability 14001:2015

    Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Management – CPD, UK

    COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health – KHDA Dubai Approved

    Actual Price Rs 15,000/-

    Offer Price Rs 9,999/- (Tax included)

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