MOC – Management of Change in Process Safety

MOC – Management of Change in Process Safety

In Process Industries where any product is produced regularly or in batches the process becomes very critical and for safe operations at each stage the concept of Process safety management (PSM) has come up. So management of change(MOC) is one of the crucial parts of PSM where every change in the process is minutely reviewed and managed for long-term benefits. MOC process also takes note of changes that can lead to hazardous impacts which should be identified, analysed or controlled without stopping the operations.

Course Duration: 30 hrs. Assessment Method: (100 marks)

  • 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs) carrying 2 marks each (20 marks)
  • 5 subjective questions with each carrying 6 marks (30 marks)
  • 3. 1 work-based project. Students have to complete the MOC form based on the work scenario given (50 marks)

MOC in Process Safety Course through Green World Group

The MOC in process safety is a 30 hour online study program designed for those who are professionally or academically engaged and can plan their study time flexibly. The program is envisaged to make students understand importance of developing ideal process of management of change and how a small change in process can impact many other small or big process chains either indirectly or directly in a manufacturing unit.

The training program also highlights the practical challenges managers face while implementing MOC program. Students will also made to understand that MOC program can be implement for any process industry but need to make some minute changes as per the work needs and management policy.

Following are the some of the topics included in the training program, but not limited to:

  • Definition and overview of Management of Change
  • When should MOC be implemented?
  • Advantages and applications of MOC
  • How to effectively design and implement MOC program
  • Case Studies (failure of MOC and consequences)
  • Understanding various kinds of Changes in Process
  • What is Process of MOC?
  • MOC Implementation Issues

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the training program, delegates will be able to:

  • Know the needs of management of change in an organisation.
  • Gain knowledge to pin-point the type of change happening or happened in the process and how will it impact the workers and management.
  • Understand thoroughly every step involved in the process of Management of change and one can make this program effective.
  • Extract minute changes caused by the impact of change in the process.
  • Do risk-based analysis for every implemented change.
  • Regularly fill the MOC form to register each and every process change.
  • Understand the procedures and needs to note down duties of everyone in the organisations, right from initiation to closure of the change.


Candidates completing this short-term online training program will have to undergo an assessment process which involves 50 questions having ‘2 marks each’. To pass, candidates have to score not less than 60% of marks.


Once get through the self-assessment test, candidates will receive qualification certification approved by CPD along with unique professional identification number from Green World Group.

Who is approving? :

Management of Change in Process Safety E-Learning courses is CPD certified.

What is CPD? :

CPD is Continuing Personal or Professional Development. The CPD Certification Service is the independent body operating across all market sectors and in support of all professional institutions, bodies and societies. Its certified CPD ‘quality mark’ is a recognised symbol of quality assured training.

The basic concept of CPD is an educational system which seeks to:

  • Operate throughout the working life of a professional
  • Mirror the requirements imposed upon professionals by their professional organisations and, equally importantly, by their clients
  • Operate in a systematic and structured manner
  • Cover the full range of knowledge and skills, personal, technical and commercial, required by a professional in his or her working life.

What types of learning are included? :

There is a number of learning methods recognised by CPD, they include:

  • Distance and open learning, including computer-based systems
  • Structured reading, including datasheets and periodical articles
  • Writing technical papers
  • Membership of relevant professional committees
  • Part time teaching
  • Skills developed as part of a normal in-house activities

With increasing expectations for your workforce to continue their personal and professional development, CPD offers your employees the opportunity to gain new skills and refresh their current skill set in line with changes to their work and their industry.Management of Change in Process Safety E-Learning courses can be used to obtain CPD certification. For further information please visit

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