Applied Principles of Workplace Safety Compliance

Organisations must follow certain pre-defined sets of regulations to make their workplaces safer and risk-free for workers. We train participants and employers to create awareness and working expertise in achieving workplace safety compliance by adhering to safety standards and procedures. Delegates learn the importance of making an organisation safety compliance, and procedures which can lead to developing safer and hazard-free work environment. The course also emphasis on hazard identification and control measures in-line with government regulations.

Students also get an opportunity to revive their knowledge on policies and procedures which are required to be adopted and implemented to ensure safety and health for workers within the plant or professional environment.

What you will learn

  • Students learn the consequences of not having adequate health and safety management system
  • Analyse the potential hazards and risks involved in the workplaces and provide control measures to improve overall safety.
  • Learning the importance of occupational safety and health management systems and its principles and also get trained to follow three major practices – planning, checking and implementation.
  • Topics that provide significance to integrating health and safety with the objectives of other business interests so as to reduce risks and associated losses.
  • Recognizing the roles and responsibilities of senior executives and management representatives in terms of workplace health and safety.

Key topics

  • Basics of Health & Safety
  • Health & Safety Management System
  • Standards & Audit
  • Regulating Health & Safety

Exam Method: At the end of the course, students will have to write online test to secure certificate. They can take exam at their convenient time.

Exam Format: Q & A submission

Learning Mode

CPD, UK Courses can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
E – Learning
In Company Training

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