Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles

Workplace hazards and dangers have the potential to cause extensive losses in terms of human lives, injuries and damages to properties and surrounding societies. A well-placed risk management system can protect the work environment from such life-threatening risks and health hazards. However, despite having stringent laws and punitive measures on defaulters, international trend shows that workplace hazards have increased multiple times pushing up the numbers of economic and social disasters.

Workplace-related accidents and incidents have been reported more in developing countries causing wide-spread economic losses, casualties of skilled and unskilled workers and unimaginable material damages.

Our certification course on disaster management with advanced emergency response principles can make senior managers and even new employees a thorough HSE professionals who can handle risk management system. They can be highly valuable to the organisations when they are asked to manage the emergency operation to provide safety to workers from harmful health hazards and life-threatening risks. This course can also be taken by someone within the company who wants to upgrade their knowledge on emergency response with respect to the risk perception.

  • Planned approach to learn the principles of emergency management planning and response
  • Facilitate to meet the requirement of relevant Competent Authority(s) and set-up a transparent hierarchy of control to handle significant emergency situations
  • Comprehensive methods to identify Hazards and Risks
  • Systematic approach for hazard identification as part of risk management
  • Understanding different shot-comings and limitations
  • Learning about different possible environment disasters
  • Overview of Disaster Risk, Development and the Environment
  • Understanding various aspects of connectivity between environment and workplace risks
  • Analysis of different methods to reduce risks and dangers

Exam Method: At the end of the course, students should give online exam for getting certification. The exam can be taken anytime and can be conveniently scheduled.

Exam Format: Q & A submission

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