Many and varied industries involve the use of chemicals. Proper practices for handling and storing chemicals are important to maintain safety in the workplace. Mishandling of hazardous materials runs the risk of accidents and the impacts that arise will be serious. The key to a safe workplace devoid of accidents requires proper chemical safety procedures. Know some essential tips on handling and storing hazardous materials in this blog.

10 Chemical Safety Tips

1. Hazard identification

To handle chemicals in a safe manner, it’s necessary to know of the potential hazards involved with it. The individual should know as much possible information including flammability, toxicity, reactivity, and other probable risks.

2. Use proper Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Appropriate PPE use such as goggles, goggles, face shields, and respiratory protection helps in preventing exposure to hazardous materials.

3. Proper ventilation

Adequate ventilation in the workplace allows the extraction of vapors and avoids the build-up of fumes and vapors.

4. Proper labeling and storing of chemicals

All chemical containers should be labeled properly and stored in a safe and secure place, away from sources of ignition.

5. Store in an appropriate container

Chemicals should be stored only in containers that are specifically designed and approved for storage. Make sure of tight sealing to avoid escaping vapors.

6. Don’t mix chemicals

Without specific training and appropriate procedures & equipment, you should never mix chemicals. Else, it may lead to violent chemical reactions.

7. Dispose of Hazardous Substances Properly

Understand the regulations associated with the safe disposal of chemicals and hazardous wastes and strictly adhere to them.

8. Careful handling of spills and leaks

If a spill or leak occurs, it should be immediately cleaned and controlled with spill kits and safe procedures.

9. Prepare yourself for emergencies

Make sure that all employees are aware of what to do when dealing with spills and other emergencies through an emergency response plan.

10. Proper training

Those who handle chemicals should have undergone proper training in handling, storing, and disposal of chemicals. Also, they should be ensured to stay safe with knowledge of PPE and emergency response.


Use the above ten tips if you are involved in handling and storing hazardous materials. With these measures in place, you can eliminate the risk of accidents. In order to ensure a safe workplace, proper knowledge of the safe handling and storing of chemicals is necessary. Follow safety practices and protect yourself and others from harmful impacts.

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