Building Risk Assessment is all about assessing the major potential risks and hazards related to a building or a structure, performed to identify who is at risk of exposure, and determine and implement the measures to be in place to eradicate/reduce the risks to an acceptable level.

Why Should You Perform A Building Risk Assessment? – Know Some Crucial Points

Save lives

By thinking ahead with a Building Risk Assessment, you prevent potential hazards such as fire, slips, trips, and falls. By identifying them and implementing the relevant measures, you reduce the likelihood of accidents and thus ensure the safety of people in the building.

Ensures Legal Liability

In most countries, performing a Building Risk Assessment is a legal requirement. Not conducting a risk assessment may lead to facing costly legal action. Demonstrating compliance with local regulations and standards aids the business to be saved from liability claims due to accidents.

Protects Business Assets

A well-planned Building Risk Assessment plan determines potential hazards and implements preventive measures, thus protecting the company assets. It adequately plans to protect business assets, such as buildings, equipment, and inventory from the likelihood of damages.

Elevates business reputation

Ensuring a safe and secure working environment proves that the business cares for its employees. This boosts the morality of workers and retains them in the organization. Overall, a good safety history will improve the business’s reputation.

Improved Productivity

Identifying the potential hazards8 & inefficiencies through a Building Risk Assessment and implementing suitable measures to mitigate them helps in achieving improved productivity. As the employer is proactive in reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, employees will be motivated to work efficiently and confidently.

Besides a general Building Risk Assessment, certain risk assessments applicable to various kinds of buildings such as Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) are also required.

Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) is intended to affirm that people occupying buildings are well-protected from hazards such as fires, explosions, consequences of chemical reaction, and toxic releases and that they safely escape from those buildings.



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    Why Green World Group?

    • Our expertise is such that we embed our knowledge of process risks and their assessment to bring out the most of the Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) in a building.

    • We take the stress out of the risks by maintaining consistency in creating and documenting the Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA).

    • Our proficiency in dealing with various process industries enables us to derive a clearly-defined Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) that effectively handles potentially dangerous, toxic, and flammable substances.

    • We guide you at any and every stage of assessing occupied buildings and offer you support in determining the shortfalls by reviewing existing submissions.


    To sum up, Building Risk Assessment is an important tool that aids in safeguarding the reputation, people, and assets of a business. A Building Risk Assessment brings businesses all sorts of benefits such as recognizing potential hazards, implementing preventive measures, lessening the risk of accidents & injuries, achieving legal liability, and enhancing productivity.


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