NEBOSH Safety Simplified

NEBOSH Safety Simplified is an innovative and introduction qualification in Occupational Health and Safety Management developed by NEBOSH, UK in consultation with leading HSE experts. This course has been designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of OHS management with real-time application skills to improvise the workplace health and safety practices in all industrial backgrounds.

NEBOSH Simply Satisfied Certificate confines the advanced methodology in presence of Augmented Reality (AR) i.e. this qualification impersonates the real-life world environment to provide an invaluable, interactive, and forefront learning experience..

What is NEBOSH?
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Topics Covered

NEBOSH Safety Simplified Training covers the 5 elements such as,

  • Element 1: Making the case for health and safety

  • Element 2: Stopping incidents and ill-health before they happen

  • Element 3: Stopping incidents from repeating themselves

  • Element 4: Dealing with common workplace hazards

  • Element 5: Keeping an eye on how things are going

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provides an improved understanding of workplace health and safety and its advantages
  • Provides efficient skills to identify & control the hazards, and to avoid frequent accidents in the workplace in a simple manner
  • Helps to realize the objective of inspections and aim of the audits
  • Enables to generate and contribute the health and safety practices among the organizations

Who can study?

There are no eligibility criteria for this qualification; Managers, Supervisors, HSE aspirants, and any individuals who wish to gain the health and safety knowledge and to enhance their career towards OHS management, can pursue this course at any time of the academic year.


This course has no formal assessments; as part of the training, candidates are assessed by a multi-format test including risk assessment.

Learning Mode

NEBOSH Safety Simplified can be delivered in various learning modes.

Virtual / Online Live Learning
E – Learning
In Company Training

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