ISO 45001 Lead Auditor course in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia

ISO 45001 approved Lead Auditor course aims to provide required skill set & knowledge to perform a Complete OH&S Audit. Enabling Candidate to plan an audit & conduct the audit effectively, as well to prepare a report on the basis of finding and ensure the required action is taken. This program is formulated for those who wants the skills to carry first, second or third party audits of Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

The ISO 45001 has significance changes over OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 follow the approach of ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 (i.e it is based on Annex SL, a frame work which was used in ISO management System standard) and emphasis more commitment on management, involvement of workers, as well risk control

What is ISO 45001?

  • ISO 45001 the latest standard for OH&S management System published on 12th March 2018
  • ISO 45001 specify the need of OH&S management system and guide the organization to provide Safe & healthy workplace for workers – prevent work related accidents, illness, fatality and take proactive measures to improve OH&S performance
  • ISO 45001 is for all type or organization , regard-less of size type or nature
  • ISO 45001 replaces former Occupational health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001. ( Current organization Certified OHSAS 18001 needs to migrate to ISO 45001 with in 12th March 2021 )

ISO 45001 Approved training Course Topics

  • ISO 45000 standards series
  • Auditing Process Approach including the PDCA Cycle
  • Auditing ISO 45001:2018 Standard requirements
  • Auditing Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Documentation
  • Auditing ISO 19011 standard requirements
  • Auditing Standard ISO 19011:2011 requirements
  • Auditing Roles and Responsibilities of Auditor
  • Audit Planning- Audit Plan
  • Checklists, Non Conformance Reports
  • Audit Reporting
  • Final Team Meeting / Follow-up
  • Verification / Audit Records
  • Accreditation / Certification and Auditor Registration
  • Exercises, case study etc
  • Accreditation/ Certification and Auditor Registration
  • Course Examination

Who Should Attend This ISO 45001 Course

  • Those who wish to carry out first, second or third party audits of Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Those who responsible to implement Certified ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Those leading audit team
  • Those who wants to be OH&S Lead Auditor

Learning Outcome?

On the End of the training delegates will be able to:

Plan Develop & Implement OH&S policy at an organisation by internal or external audit process.

Confidently & professionally conduct ISO 45001 audit, gathering objectives, interviewing, making observation from evidence, preparing factual audit reports based on finding, and improve OH&S policy of an organization.

To evolve as an competent auditor, by developing own skills & technique

Compliance with the organization & Evaluate organizations internal & external OH&S needs

ISO – Lead Auditor Training Courses


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