Risk assessment is the process of identifying available hazards, assessing the possibilities of occurrence, determining the potential impacts, and implementing measures in place to reduce or eradicate the risk.

It is a key to healthy workplaces for businesses, organizations, and individuals and allows them to effectively deal with potential hazards and proactively mitigate the rates of injury, accidents, and loss.

Let’s explore more about risk assessment, including its basics, definition, process, and advantages.

What is Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is a systematic approach that examines all aspects of work in order to assess the chances and impacts of potential hazards. This covers physical, biological, chemical, and environmental risks. This process considers:

  • Identification and assessment of hazards
  • What will be the consequences?
  • Decide on the best measures to control or eliminate the risk.

Risk assessment applies to numerous environments that cover workplaces, healthcare facilities, construction sites, and public spaces.

Risk Assessment Process

The process entails the below steps mentioned:

1. Hazard Identification

Workplace hazards can be in any form, like physical, chemical, biological, and environmental risks. This step involves identifying such potential hazards in the workplace.

2. Risk Analysis

This step focuses on assessing the risks, the chances of occurrence and how serious the consequences are. The process includes quantitative or qualitative methods.

3. Risk Evaluation

In this step, the overall risk will be evaluated, with the consideration of occurrence and severity resulting from the hazards and deciding on acceptable risk levels.

4. Risk Control

This step involves determining the control measures to be put in place to reduce or eliminate the risk as much as possible. This is achieved through implementing safety measures delivering training and/or bringing modifications to work processes.

Benefits of Risk Assessment

There is a bundle of benefits that include:

1. Enhanced safety

The risk assessment builds a safer environment for workers, customers, and the public by identifying and evaluating potential risks and determining the measures to control or eliminate risks.

2. Demonstrates legal compliance

Risk assessment is a legal requirement by regulatory bodies and demonstrating legal compliance helps employers avoid legal liability such as fines, penalties, and legal action.

3. Cost savings

By investigating potential risks and deriving measures to mitigate risks, employers can avoid accidents, injuries, and damage to property. It potentially saves the organization from costs related to lost productivity, medical expenses, and insurance claims.

4. Brand reputation

By demonstrating their commitment to safety and fostering confidence and trust, organizations can improve their reputation and enhance their perception among the public.


To sum up, risk assessment plays an essential role to manage the potential risks and reduces the likelihood of accidents, injury, or loss. Risk assessment delivers valuable insights into identifying risks, analyzing their occurrence and impacts, and determining measures to eliminate or reduce risks. By doing so, organizations can ensure a safe working culture, demonstrate legal compliance, reduce costs, and improve their reputation.

Green World Group – Risk Assessment

Green World Group offers comprehensive and streamlined risk assessments that focus on bringing real changes to the workplace for developing a safe and healthy workplace. The expertise of our safety professionals aids businesses to identify potential hazards, implementing measures to reduce or eliminate risk, and reducing the rate of accidents and incidents in the workplace.

With our robust risk assessment services, clients can better prepare and respond to challenging risks and create a safe workplace compliant with regulations.

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