What does NEBOSH IGC International General Certificate offer?

NEBOSH International General Certificate equips a HSE professional by offering a strong foundation in the ethics and practice of health and safety management.It also supplements with the goal in providing skilled individuals to become specialists in the health and safety industry. Extensive training and guidance on all the parameters of NEBOSH IGC, helps the professional in identifying the hazards in the workplace and tactically carrying out risk review, document results, re-evaluate procedures and create a recommendations report for management to comply with best practice in HSE. NEBOSH IGC also helps to cultivate, sponsor & communicate an effective health and safety culture at the workplace.

Who should undergo a Nebosh IGC training course?

NEBOSH IGC course is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of health and safety. These individuals could be professionals with vast responsibilities to ensure health and safety in their organization or students looking for a career takeoff in the field of health and safety, providing them a platform for further professional learning. This course encompasses the needs of large-scale organizations looking to implement a globally recognized health and safety training program.


Any workplace or real world environment is subject to hazards like fire or repercussions of an inefficient process thataren’t uncommon and consequences cannot be taken nonchalantly. This has heightened the need to build a system that can proactively and reactively reduce the risks by implementing safe systems at work.

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NEBOSH IGC Course Details

1. Why we should manage workplace health and safety
2. How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
3. Managing risk – understanding people and processes
4. Health and safety monitoring and measuring


Online Open Boom Examination (OBE)

Unit IG1: Management of health and safety

5. Physical and psychological health
6. Musculoskeletal health
7. Chemical and biological agents
8. General workplace issues
9. Work equipment


Practical assessment

Unit IG2: Risk assessment


    NEBOSH Open Book Examination (OBE)

    Green World is delighted to announce NEBOSH Open Book Examination (OBE) – A new format of assessment , which enables the learners to take the examination at the comfort of the home. The OBE Assesses the same objective & learning outcomes as it was earlier in written / paper format.

    Next NEBOSH Open Book Exam dates for IG1/IGC1:
    07thDec’22 , 18th Jan’23

    What is NEBOSH OPEN BOOK Examination?

    Is NEBOSH IGC recognized?

    The International General Certificate qualification adheres to the compliance and regulatory standards of Technician Membership (Tech IOSH) of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and Associate membership (AIIRSM) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).

    What are the benefits of NEBOSH IGC certification?

    On successful completion of assessment and gaining a NEBOSH certification, the individual is better equipped when it comes to emergency situations or hazards at the workplace like fire, physical abuse, spreading of toxic gas etc. Procedures to reduce the risk of such events as well as controlling the damage should they occur is enhanced knowledge that can applied to practice in workplace.

    Does this course have scope in organizations of all scales and sizes?

    Yes, the risks related to workplace are not limited to small or big entities. Any kind of machinery or equipment might pose potential hazards leading to accidental situations. As a result every kind of organization hires specialists in health and safety management.

    What is the enrollment procedure for the certification programme?

    NEBOSH certificate course can be taken through virtual /live training which has 30 days of course duration from our HSE expert tutors. We also provide E- learning method in which the student can access 24*7. Students could also enroll for a single unit, which on completion entitles a NEBOSH certificate. The second unit can be completed at any time during a 5 year period to be a fully qualified NEBOSH certified professional.

    What will you study? Training Program structure

    • Unit IG1: Management of health and safety
    • Unit IG2: Risk Assessment

    Practical assessment and summary

    Use for Sub link http://www.nebosh.org.uk/qualifications/certificate/
    For more information http://www.nebosh.org.uk/    
    Frequent Question & Answer: https://www.greenwgroup.com/nebosh-faq/
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