Safety Culture Reinvented: Green World Group’s Strategic Review of BPCL’s CSMS


Green World Safety and Security Consultancies LLC takes immense pride in announcing the successful completion of a transformative project in collaboration with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). Tasked with conducting an independent review of BPCL’s Corporate Safety Management System (CSMS) Manual, we embarked on a comprehensive journey that reached its fruition in April 2023. This collaboration underscores our commitment to fostering a robust safety culture and proactively addressing emerging safety considerations within BPCL.

Scope of the Project

The scope of our work encompassed a meticulous review of BPCL’s existing Corporate Safety Management System (CSMS) and the associated 11 Technical Standards. Our objectives were clear:

Reviewed Existing CSMS

  • Conducted a comprehensive examination of the previous CSMS.
  • Identified areas for improvement or modification.
  • Proposed changes to enhance effectiveness and alignment with industry best practices.

Reviewed Existing Technical Standards

  • Thoroughly assessed the 11 existing Technical Standards.
  • Identified potential updates or modifications.
  • Proposed changes to ensure relevance and compliance with evolving industry requirements.

Prepared New Technical Standards

  • Developed two new Technical Standards: “Technical Standard on Road Safety” and “Occupancy Safety Standards: Office and Residential Buildings.”
  • Crafted standards addressing specific needs and challenges faced by BPCL in these areas.
  • Ensured alignment with the latest industry benchmarks and regulatory requirements.

Reviewing Procedures

Our reviewing process involved executing procedures to acquire evidence regarding the reliability of specified disclosures. We engaged in internal discussions within CHSSE and a Task Force comprising all HSSE role holders at BPCL. Their insights were crucial for tailoring review procedures specifically suited to the circumstances.

The collaborative effort with CHSSE and the Task Force provided valuable insights into the nuances of BPCL’s safety management framework. Through these efforts, we aligned the CSMS and Technical Standards with the organization’s internal discussions, ensuring the final documents reflected the collective understanding and aspirations of BPCL’s HSSE role holders.

Key Achievements

The comprehensive review led to significant modifications within the CSMS and Technical Standards, including but not limited to:

HSE Policy Revision

  • Emphasized top management’s commitment to “Saving lives” and integrated the need for Life Saving Rules.

Integration of OISD Standards

  • Added relevant requirements and references from various OISD standards to applicable CSMS manual clauses.

Safety Communication Update

  • Added a new clause on safety communication from Corporate HSSE.

Organizational Structure Updates

  • Updated organizational and HSSE administration structures to reflect changes in reporting relationships.

Future Revision Framework

  • Revised the CSMS review cycle and established a process for amending clauses during interim periods.

Technical Standards

  • Merged and streamlined Technical Standards for a uniform approach.
  • Introduced two new standards on Road Safety and Occupancy Safety Standards.

Updated Incident Reporting Standard

  • Revised the definition of ‘Major Accident’ to incorporate regulatory requirements.


Our meticulous reviewing process ensured a comprehensive evaluation of the CSMS and Technical Standards documents, identifying areas for improvement, alignment with industry standards, and compliance with regulatory requirements. The success of this project underscores Green World Safety and Security Consultancies LLC’s commitment to elevating safety standards and fostering a culture of excellence within BPCL. The resulting documents not only meet internal requirements but also align with nationally mandated safety standards and industry-specific best practices.

By partnering with Green World Safety and Security Consultancies LLC, BPCL has taken a significant step toward enhancing its safety management efforts. The newly refined CSMS and Technical Standards position BPCL at the forefront of safety excellence in the industry.


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