IGC 1: Management of international health and safety

NEBOSH IGC Element 1:

Foundations in health and safety

  • The outlook of occupational health and safety and barriers to good standards of health and safety
  • Definition of health, safety and welfare.
  • The moral, social and economic driversto assure good standards of health and safety in the workplace. Ex.Globalisation, insurance etc.
  • Role of national governments and International Labour Organisation (ILO) for the guidance of health and safety.

NEBOSH IGC Element 2:

Health and Safety Management Systems – Plan

  • The key elements of a health and safety management system With reference to ILO Guidelines AND OHSAS 18001
  • The purpose and importance of policy for health and safety
  • Standards and guidance related to health and safety.
  • Health and safety roles and responsibilities of individuals in the organization.

NEBOSH IGC Element 3:

Health and Safety Management Systems – Do

  • Roles of directors, managersand supervisors.
  • Principles of assessing and managing contractors.
  • Human factors which influence health and safety behavior at work.
  • The principles and practice of risk assessments.
  • Needs of effective provision of first-aid in the workplace
  • Advancement of health and safety behavior at work
  • Preventive and protective measures.
  • Key sources of health and safety information.
  • The role and function of a permit-to-work system.


    NEBOSH IGC Element 4:

    Health and Safety Management Systems – Check

    • The role and requirements of active and reactive monitoring
    • Role and function of incident investigation as a reactive monitoring measure.

    NEBOSH IGC Element 5:

    Health and Safety Management Systems – Act

    • Scope and purpose of auditing health and safety management systems
    • Purpose of reviewing health and safety performance

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