What is NEBOSH IG1? – Management of Health & Safety

The unit IG1 deals with the concept of management issues and it has different elements that are designed on the principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management. The IG1 unit has four elements (1-4)

Element 1:

Why we should manage workplace health and safety

This element gives an explanation of the reasons for managing health & safety including an examination of legal standards and an introduction to the principles of contractor management.

Element 2:

How health and safety management systems work and what they look like

Element 2 introduces the idea of health & safety management systems and how these are laid down in organizational policies.

Element 3:

Managing risk – understanding people and processes

The third element deals with a wide range of topics that are based on the core effective health & safety management such as,

  • Health & Safety Culture
  • Risk Assessment
  • Development of Safe Systems of Work
  • Emergency Procedures & First Aid

Element 4:

Health and safety monitoring and measuring

The final element provides an explanation about the active & re-active monitoring, accident reporting & investigation, and health & safety auditing.

*We disscuss briefly about the NEBOSH IG2 unit in another page; To know more about IG2 click here – What is NEBOSH IG2?



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