NEBOSH International Diploma Vlog on Post Assessment Interview by Mr. Shanker Srikumar – CEO, Green World Group

Mr.Shanker Srikumar, NEBOSH Lead Tutor and CEO of Green World has discussed on the NEBOSH IDIP Post Assessment Interview. Check it out below!

“This Video is a part of Green World’s Webinar Session on NEBOSH IDIP (New Specification July 2020) – For More Detail on IDIP Click Here

Video Transcription on Post Assessment Interview

Remember, there is a post assessment interview also.

That means, once the assessment has been submitted, learners will be required to carry out a post assessment interview after each assessment.

Each assessment will be submitted to Anti-plagiarism software to help identify possible causes for plagiarism and malpractice.

So what is called plagiarism? What are the different kinds of malpractices?

We will tell you when you are, enrolled for the course,

But in a nutshell, let me tell you that, these are things which you should never do it.

There are many people outside in the market who can come and approach you that don’t worry about the assessment. I can write it for you. But remember all these assessments are, will be uploaded onto an Anti-plagiarism software.

What happens when you try to upload your answers on the software?

It will automatically go to the server and it will be considered as a fully plagiarized.

And you cannot hand write these exams, you have to write it using your computer; It should be a word document that should be submitted. I think you can submit PDF also. So make sure that you do your own work. Writing the answers using shortcuts will only land you in trouble and wasting your hard earned money,

It’s so simple, to write an IDIP Exam.

‘I don’t think it’s going to be something that I may not be able to do.’

Many people have this problem; But you have to really spend the time on those 30 working days. If you spend at least 20 days, you can finish the Unit Exams.

I’m saying if you spend about two hours or three hours in a day, you can easily finish it with proper referencing with the proper guidance, you would be able to do that.

Select the best provider

I’m not any more speaking about Green World, but you should be able to select the best providers. So when you are selecting, this is your career. When you’re selecting the provider, make sure that you do a good research, go for the reviews.

These are some of the techniques that you can do.

See their review what the students that’s ever written publicly are, go through and read for it. Of course, there should be some negative comments, but see the ratio of it.

  • How many comments are there?
  • How many years are they in?
  • How many total students they have been made successfully passed?
  • How many batches they have conducted, the more the batches they conduct,
  • And many more details…

Our learning materials are state of the art. And what do you get?

I’ll make sure that you get a one-hour orientation when you join with us.

“You will get 28 days (up to 70 Hrs.) Contact Class for Each Unit (ID1, ID2, & ID3)”

So, and moreover, I am one of the two IDIP Tutor, but for it, I’ll personally ensure that you guys can have one to one Talk with us. We have live contact sessions and all. And we will ensure that you get it done. So all your doubts will be cleared. It’s that much easy.

“All the materials are personally made by us. And I personally ensure that it is being correct. And then it’s been reviewed more than five to six times by different hands”

We don’t use any third-party materials or anything. Our materials are made by us and approved by NEBOSH.


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