Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

The Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety is a certification program introduced by the Government of India focused on aspiring students and working professionals in the fields of workplace health and safety. The course intends to empower participants with profound knowledge and operational skills on workplace safety, health and environmental safety. This one-year diploma training program is designed and developed by the safety experts of Green World Group with an intention to make workplaces extremely safe for workers from occupational related hazards and risks.

The course focuses on various safety issues faced by workers in their workplaces across varied industries including kinds of dangers, health risks, hazards and unsafe work activities. Our course material, curriculum and training methods are at par with international standards but can be easily comprehended by employees across the country working in various industrial sectors. We ensure that every candidate receives updated training to provide safe and healthy work environment and also make workers realise that while performing their work, it is also their duty to behave responsibly, work safely and not indulge in any unsafe activities which can endanger other co-workers and also the area surrounding the work environment.

Course Overview

ADIS course trains candidates to improve their working skills, technical knowledge and aptitude on workplace safety and standards. ADIS course has been made to enhance understanding, aptitude, and technical know-how of the candidates on occupational safety and standards as the course content is specifically made to meet every industry’s needs. The diploma course on workplace safety aims to help working professionals enhance their know-how on industrial safety, hazard and risk management ability, accident prevention methods and hygiene standards. ADIS has prioritised to provide awareness to participants on safety audits and health and safety management which can lead to safe and secure work environment. To become a successful workplace safety professional, one should be able to assess the risks and dangers correctly and provide necessary preventive measures. Through ADIS, our tutors will ensure that the participants gain world-class proficiency in risk assessment and managerial skills.

Why Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety Course ?

The Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (ADIS) course is widely recognised by industries and government across the world. It gives a career boost for those working in risk and safety management areas and can perform better and also in higher positions.

The ADIS training teaches participants to excel in risk management techniques, enforcing safety regulations, overseeing HSE operations, enhancing safety and health standard of workers improve general safety conditions.

As workplace disasters and injuries on the rise across nations, it is important to provide absolute safety to workers, prevent unforeseen incidents, protect environment, safeguard industrial assets and secure safe work culture. Our training programme is intended to make participants thorough safety professionals who can be engaged by industries belong to various business sectors for any type of risk management responsibilities.

ADIS is one of the most sought-after safety diploma courses which has been approved by Government of India and provided across Green World Group training centres across India and several nations.

Students need to clear five theory exams and one practical assessment exam:



Paper I & Paper 2 : 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks
Paper 3 & Paper 4 : 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks
Paper 5 : Multiple choice questions – 100 marks

National Safety Diploma

  • Once completed successfully, candidates/delegates can gain the National Diploma approved by Government of India and further improve their career profile by applying for the prestigious membership of IIRSM which has kept the discretion of awarding such memberships to eligible students after analysing their knowledge and operational skills in safety and risk management.
  • All successful students will receive Diploma certification and marksheet from the Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, Promoted by Govt. of India.
  • The Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety is recognized by industries across several countries.
  • This certification can be beneficial to students as it provides one-year increment in their educational qualification
  • The program is also approved and attested by Consular Services : i.e. Indian consulate,
  • Ministry of External Affairs in India and several ministries of foreign affairs that includes Middle East region.


Do we have to attend any seminar while doing Advanced Diploma Industrial Safety?

We have planned for a 12-day non-compulsory seminar for the participants which can be registered with an additional fee. The seminar will be held at the Green World Group educational centre in Chennai only when we have a minimum number of registrations for the seminar conducted by safety experts.

Students who wish to join the course can log on to and add necessary information so that we shall contact you to make necessary arrangements for your training program.

When will I get the certification?

All successful candidates will be provided with course diploma certificate within 30 days from the date of announcement of result. The certificate will be issued by the Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, which come under the control of the Government of India. Students scoring exceptionally high marks such as distinction and first class will be given additional merit certificates.


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