Given how reliable modern engineered systems have become, the human element in the workplace is a concern. Human Factor Engineering (HFE) is a discipline that takes into account human capabilities, limitations, and characteristics. GWG provides comprehensive support to provide a safe design that improves risk performance by reducing human error and increasing productivity.

HFE research is conducted in industries such as Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas, and Aerospace to improve organizational performance with efficient manufacturing. HFE targets issues such as inadequate training, poor communication, outdated processes, and poorly designed equipment. The study targets reducing significant hazards by lowering the risk of human error while simultaneously enhancing recovery.

HFE services and benefits include:

  • A carefully curated plan for logical and effective workflow
  • Human error and health hazard prevention studies
  • Workforce resource management
  • Properly spaced equipment in a logical order that does not affect the walkway.
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) considerations
  • Appropriate area around equipment for installation and maintenance/operation.
  • Proper height and orientation of manual operating valves
  • Plan for storage and laydown area
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Systems
  • Inclusion of signage and labelling in regular work areas

Why choose Green World?

Green World Group is a leading Health & Safety Consultancy which provides services and HSE training globally. Our team of highly skilled consultants will assist you with your HFE study reports by providing an outline of design requirements for the selection, location and orientation of equipment and valves. The study will provide a practical, cost-effective, and balanced approach to applying HFE to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and numerous other industries.


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