Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is used in the early planning stages to identify and predict the likely environmental impacts of a project. It is an essential part of development projects as it intends to plan, design, and research methods to reduce adverse impacts on the environment. EIA can further provide predictions and solutions to help adapt projects to suit the local environment. Our team of EIA consultants includes professional Chartered Environmentalists, CAD technicians, GIS and project managers who will focus on key issues and assess methods to minimize project risk and encourage opportunities for success.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment services include:

  • Defining the project scope and creating a project strategy
  • Providing solutions and sustainable mitigation measures for increased project value
  • GIS and Data Solutions
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Sustainability and energy management system

  • Site visits and data acquisition
  • Improving the performance of the project

Our EIA Consultants

At Green World Group, we are highly experienced in leading the EIA process on mixed-use developments, particularly on constrained sites. As a global, multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy organization, our team incorporates Indian and international best practices to suit your business’s needs. We are committed to working and collaborating with our clients to develop solutions which can provide additional value to projects. Furthermore, we will conduct various technical assessments and EIA consultancy strategies to support your project.


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