Demolition and Construction Safety Management

Demolition and construction projects must ensure the health and safety environment of workers on construction sites with the responsibility held by all construction parties involved. Green World’s team of professionals aims to provide you with an understanding of the risks and health hazards associated with demolition and construction while offering a variety of service options through the feasibility, planning, and construction stages.

Green World Consultancy provides the following demolition-related services to assist developers:

  • Demolition audits
  • Budget costing for demolition works
  • Site visits
  • Evaluation of historical data
  • Preliminary Risk Assessment / Development of Conceptual Model
  • Preparation of demolition, new build, and construction waste management chapters for inclusion in EIAs
  • Developing and monitoring Outline Construction Environmental Management Plans
  • Providing guidance on Site and Waste Management Plans
  • Preparation of tender/ contract documents and management

Why Choose Green World?

Green World Group provides prime health and safety services to construction and demolition industries across the country. We acknowledge the importance of raising the health and safety standards of your business and encourage positive safety management with practical and cost-effective solutions.


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