ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Certification Training in Dubai, UAE

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Auditor / Lead Auditor Course (Enrollment from India)

ISO 45001: 2018 Lead Auditor Training Course in Dubai

This short-term course is exclusively designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in Occupational Health and Safety management systems. The course aims to deliver delegates with essential skills and knowledge to perform first-, second-, and third-party audits of management systems in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 requirements.

The successful completion of this comprehensive internationally certified course enables the participants to become active members of the International Register of Certified Auditors body and validates their professional capabilities as competent auditors.

The certified ISO 45001 Lead Auditors will get wide exposure to efficient auditing skills such as recognizing potential risks and hazards, faulty policies and deriving corrective actions to obtain excellence in health and safety.

ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor course in UAE

This course is also formulated and internationally recognized and covers a part of the training requirements for those seeking registration under OH&S Auditor/Lead Auditor.

Eligibility Criteria

As competency plays a major role in achieving certification in this course, candidates seeking this qualification should possess basic knowledge of ISO 45001 standards. Having some prior experience in performing Occupational Health & Safety MS internal audits to ISO 45001 requirements will be an added advantage. Delegates who are not familiar with ISO 45001 standard should first attend Foundation Training before joining this training program.

Learning Methodologies for IRCA Lead Auditor Course in Dubai

Green World is a leading HSE Training provider globally for training professionals. Green World provides training in 195+ countries covering lot of health and safety courses with 3 learning methods such as

E- learning (Online / Self-paced)

Virtual Live training (Online / Tutor-led)

In company training (Onsite)

Who Can Eligible

There are no specific requirements needed to study the Lead Auditor course, this qualification is ideal for individuals from all kinds of industrial sectors worldwide.

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Features of ISO Certification Training in Dubai

  • ISO 45000 standards series
  • Auditing Process Approach including the PDCA Cycle
  • Auditing ISO 45001:2018 Standard requirements
  • Auditing Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Documentation
  • Auditing ISO 19011 standard requirements
  • Auditing Standard ISO 19011:2011 requirements
  • Auditing Roles and Responsibilities of Auditor
  • Audit Planning- Audit Plan
  • Checklists, Non Conformance Reports
  • Audit Reporting
  • Final Team Meeting / Follow-up
  • Verification / Audit Records
  • Accreditation / Certification and Auditor Registration
  • Exercises, case study etc
  • Course Examination

What are the benefits to take ISO 45001 Certification Training?

  • ISO 45001 lead auditor training is a globally recognized standard; it opens doors to business opportunities by ensuring compliance with international health and safety standards.
  • Gain confidence in meeting compliance and best practice with ISO 45001:2018. Promoting a safety culture through ISO 45001 lead auditor training can increase productivity & employee engagement, as feel valued.
  • ISO 45001 lead auditor training enables you to understand health and safety legislation requirements and minimize the risk of legal challenges.
  • Achieve customer trust with ISO 45001.
  • Increase efficiency and achieve sustainable improvement.

Benefits of ISO Certification

Various Levels of Lead auditor Course we offer in UAE


Lead Auditor Course – OHSMS ISO 45001:2018

This course helps in developing the expertise to conduct first, second and third-party audits of OH&S management systems based on the ISO 45001 standards.


ISO 22000:2018 FSMS Lead Auditor

This certification is best designed to equip the necessary skills to conduct efficient first, second and third-party audits of Food Safety Management based on ISO standards.


Lead Auditor Course QMS ISO 9001: 2015

This course delivers the skills to confidently perform Quality Management System Audits as per the applicable international standards.


Lead Auditor course EMS – ISO 14001:2015

This course sets out the requirements to conduct a comprehensive audit of an organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS).


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    FAQ for ISO Lead Auditor Course

    With ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Training, organizations can cultivate a firm safety culture within the workplace, where it ensures its adherence to the health and safety standards, mitigate risks and incidents, and improve its reputation, thus enhancing its operational efficiency and maintaining its success.
    There are no formal requisites for this training. However, the participants of the training are expected to possess prior knowledge or experience in occupational health and safety management systems to get the most from ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Training.
    Successful candidates of ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Training will have a promising scope of career opportunities that include internal auditors, consultants, lead auditors, or become managers maintaining occupational health and safety management within organizations. You can also become an independent auditor and cater to various clients.
    Yes, ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Training carries worldwide acceptance and is an internationally recognized certification that lines up with the needs of ISO 45001, an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems.
    The time duration for ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Course varies; however, it typically covers a few days to weeks, where the learning blends theoretical learning, practical exercises, and assessments.

    On successful completion of ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Certification Training, you will gain insights on:

    • ISO 45001 standard
    • Auditing principles & techniques
    • Risk assessment
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Best practices to manage occupational health and safety.
    The Course fees of ISO 45001:2018 may vary based on different factors such as location, learning mode and others. To learn more about ISO Course Fees, you can contact our course advisor in UAE for accurate information.

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