Disaster Management with Advanced Emergency Response Principles

إدارة الكوارث مع مبادئ الاستجابة للطوارئ المتقدمة

Every country face various natural and manmade hazards which has the potential to cause catastrophic damage and worst impacts on society. Even if many actions are taken by local emergency management specialists, the international trends indicates that both economic and social impacts of disaster has raised across the world. This is absolutely true in this developing world, as disaster may cause great loss of lives and economic crises.

This course is suitable for senior managers/new employees / person with responsibilities to hold organization’s emergency response. Safety aspirants and individuals with wish to gain knowledge on principles of emergency response can take up this course to enhance their knowledge and apply in their respective industry

Learning outcomes

  • Make sure a systematic approach for emergency planning and response.
  • Facilitate harmonization of concern authorities requirements and gives clear hierarchy of control in case of critical emergencies
  • Risk and hazard identification
  • Step by step procedure of risk identification as a part of emergency preparedness
  • Know various barriers
  • Knowledge on different environmental disasters.
  • Disaster risk, development and environment
  • Learn about key links which would connect environment to disaster risk
  • Deep knowledge on diversified opportunities on disaster risk reduction

Exam Method: Online examination, can be taken at any time from comfortable place

Exam Format: Q & A submission


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