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Construction Safety Diploma Course E-learning Mode
(Enrollment from India)

Construction sites are filed with potential hazards at different stages and places. Be it due to machinery failure or human errors while handling construction material or working at elevated places, accidents are common and in most of the cases a shear understanding, and simple precautions would have averted the incidents.

To bring awareness among construction workers about occupation hazards, Green World Group has formulated a one-year diploma course in Construction Safety in association with the Government of India.

The diploma course, apart from covering basic understanding and practical analysis to avert workplace accidents, teaches students on legal aspects relating to health and safety while doing international construction work, identification and control of workplace dangers and the practical knowledge to handle the adverse condition.


    Eligibility of Construction Safety Diploma Course in UAE

    To undergo this course, though there is no previous knowledge on health and safety is required, candidates should have the basic understanding of construction.
    The qualification is also necessary for supervisors and managers working in other industries and also for those who are associated with health and safety occupational settings but require construction specific knowledge.

    Advantages of joining one year diploma in construction safety

    • Enhance your career – By joining a one-year construction safety course, you can enhance your career opportunities by equipping skills and knowledge in this field.
    • Extensive Training – Our construction safety diploma program covers various topics so that you understand best safety practices deeply.
    • Experienced Tutors – You can gain knowledge and skills from our 20+ years of experienced tutors, guiding you to develop a strong foundation in the construction safety field.
    • Recognized Certification – After completing our one-year construction safety diploma course, certification is valuable and recognized by construction safety-related organizations, increasing your job prospects.

    Learning Methodologies

    The flexible E-learning method is one of the main advantages of joining a one-year construction safety training course. Through E-learning, you can access our course materials, lectures etc., at your convenience, allowing you to learn this qualification at your own pace. It is easier for working professionals and individuals with busy schedules to enroll in our construction safety training without compromising their other responsibilities.

    Course Assessment

    Students are accessed on the basis of the written examination having six theory papers divided into two groups.
    Examination details

    • In the first examination, which comprises paper 1, 2 & 3, students will be asked to answer all the ten questions with each question carrying 10 marks.
    • In the second examination, which combines paper 4, 5 & 6, students are required to answer all the ten questions with each answers carrying equal marks. The maximum mark for both the papers is 100 and duration of both the examination is two hours.

    Contact Details

    Mrs. Sahar Khanzada

    Mob: +971 559949371

    Mrs. Umayal Sathappan

    Mob: +971 553100292

    Construction Safety Diploma Certification in Dubai

    The institution provides certificate to all candidates who complete the course successfully. Within one month from the date of publication of results, they will be issued certificates. All the certificate and mark lists are issued by Central Board of Examination & National Development Agency, a Government of India undertaking.
    Separate certificates are also issued to honour those who secured distinction and first class.

    Will course material be provided?

    Students can avail international standard course materials during the course of the study. The publication is also approved by the Indian Government.

    Seminar session on Construction Safety

    During the one-year course on Construction Safety, students are given an option to attend a twelve-day seminar session at an extra fee. Though not mandatory for attendance, the seminar will be held, subject to the availability of minimum number of students, at Green World Group’s campus. Students are given the facility to contact and interact with the expert in the respective field on all the working days to clarify any doubts in the subject/s through the medium of mails or other modes of communication.

    What is the fee structure?

    The fee for Diploma in Construction Safety includes examination fee, administration fee and course materials.

    Call Our Course Academic Consoler +971 559949371

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