Construction Industry HSE Management Systems & Practitioner Responsibilities

Construction Safety training in Dubai     تدريب سلامة البناء في دبي

أنظمة إدارة الصحة والسلامة في مجال البناء ومسؤوليات الممارس

This Construction Industry HSE Management Safety training is designed to deliver employees as well as the organization the essential knowledge about the ways through which the occurrence of accidents/near misses to the workers at the workplace is reduced.

As a complete management system, the construction Industry HSE management system is highly capable of avoiding and controlling workplace hazards that help in improving the productivity and employee morale. This course includes fine details of numerous topics such as methods to avoid production interruptions, insurance costs, how to minimize equipment damage, employee absence, the legal cost of accidents, and many more…

Outcomes of learning

  • Avoiding and controlling the hazards in the workplace, and lessening the number of injuries to the workers and operatives within the workplace
  • Mitigate the risks of serious accidents
  • Through better control over the risks in the workplace, enhance employee morale and productivity
  • Minimize the expenses on insurance costs and costs related to employee absence
  • Reduce costs such as fines, and the legal cost of accident litigation, and reduce the expenses on emergency supplies.
  • Save the time spent on accident investigation, clerical efforts, diverted time of supervisors, and the loss of expertise & experiences.

Method of exam

It is an online exam without non-supervision. Depending on your convenience, you can take the exam at any time.

Format of exam

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