Certified Senior Accident / Incident investigator

Certified Senior Accident / Incident investigator Course (Enrollment from India)

The prime focus of occupational health and safety lies in protecting the employees by preventing accidents, injuries, and exposure to hazards in the workplace. Though accidents may happen at any moment, it is the responsibility to ensure a safer work environment and reduce the risk of incidents and accidents.

This course is intended to bring out the knowledge of the interconnected relationships of a series of roles in the work environment. In addition, it tends to dig deep into how they contribute to an incident or an accident or helps in eradicating the possibilities to avoid occurrences. There are reports that work-related incidents, injuries, or accidents will result in serious impacts on the organization and end up in interrupted or inefficient work operations, property damage, fires, and spills. Hence all the incidents and near-miss accidents should get the call of a thorough investigation to identify the actual case and thus implement corrective actions.

This investigation, therefore, helps in demonstrating the proven methodologies of the Safety Management System (SMS) in relation to the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes.

You can never underestimate the cause even for a minor incident as it may reveal the probable causes for serious future incidents/accidents. Of course, it is hard to get exposure to the causes pertaining to the happenings as they are not immediately apparent in most cases. Hence the priority lies in investigating the reason and thus preventing the disruptions to productivity and operations of organizations.

The learners of this course will be equipped with a solid understanding of conducting accidents and/or near-miss investigations as soon as the event happens. Upon completing the course, the participants will have the confidence and professionalism that are necessary to carry over effective accident investigations in the workplace.

The course is designed as two units that embrace the best practices involved with an accident/incident investigation.


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    1 Health & Safety
    2 Accident /Incident
    3 Cause of Accident
    4 Reasons for investigating accidents
    1 Approach to investigation
    2 Accident / Incident causes
    3 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 1 (Investigation Policy)
    4 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 2 (Investigation Team)
    5 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 3 (Physical Evidence)s
    6 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 4 (Conduct Interview)
    7 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 5 (Documentary Evidence)
    8 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 6 (Analysis of Findings)
    9 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 7 (Identify Root Causes)
    10 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 8 (Assign Remedial Actions)
    11 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 9 (Report Writing)
    12 Accident /Incident Investigation Step 10 (Lessons learned and follow-up)
    13 Scenario based investigation study
    14 Accident / Incident Investigation – Recap

    Know about the Course Goals

    The course covers and highlights the below topics:

    • Who is responsible to conduct the investigation and the reason behind it
    • Involves the essential ten-step process investigation methodology
    • The primary two elements contributing to the root cause of the incident.
    • Assess the skill, behavior, and characteristics of the programmer for an effective incident/accident analysis
    • Understanding the top reasons behind building professional, constructive, credible, and timely investigations.
    • Safety Management Systems that promote a proactive Safety Culture in the workplace.

    What are the Learning Outcomes?

    On completing this Certified Senior Accident / Incident investigator course, the participants will be exposed to:

    • Comprehensive skills and knowledge need to conduct an investigation of all adverse events.
    • Cause identification abilities related to accidents and ill-health.
    • Can be efficient at roles and responsibilities with better confidence and professionalism
    • All employees and contractors who serve the organization are aware of the SMS and ‘Safety Culture’
    • Understand key legal requirements and company procedures and apply them in the workplace

    Who can undertake CPDSO’s CSAII certification?

    This course has been designed to cater to the needs of individuals who are responsible for investigating workplace accidents or incidents with a clear understanding of the purpose and process of incident or accident investigation. With this course subject, we make sure that the investigators have the hands-on knowledge on identifying and realizing the immediate (or direct) causes of accidents or incidents. In addition, it is also ensured that positive investigations are carried over with the right steps of investigation processes of finding out the potential causes and underlying root causes. Thus it is possible to avoid mistakes that come back and affect the safety of the workplace.


    The course is well-suited for:


    • Officers involved in the investigation process
    • Managers looking to gain in-depth knowledge of the investigation process and how it brings impacts on law, regulations, and procedures of the company
    • HSE Officers
    • Supervisors
    • Inspectors
    • Advisors
    • Auditors
    • Team Leaders/Managers