Certified Scaffolding Supervisor

Certified Scaffolding Supervisor Course (Enrollment from India)

Scaffolding is an important element in a number of industries that fulfill the demands of work at heights. This largely suits industries such as construction, maintenance, and repair. It is a kind of high-risk occupation and there are many injuries and incidents witnessed with scaffold-related operations. This clearly indicates the importance of proper scaffolding and is the major factor for the safety crew involved in working on elevated work areas and sectors.

This course is largely aimed at scaffolding operations and individuals involved in such activities in numerous industries. This course has the core purpose of shaping the employees as skilled and competent to carry over the activities with relevant precautionary measures.

Those enrolled in this Certified Scaffolding Supervisor course will have the great opportunity of gaining extensive knowledge on the necessary technical aspects of the scaffolding engineering solutions. Also, the attendees will be provided with knowledge and skills that are needed for proper scaffold construction methods, including erection, moving, or altering scaffolds.

This course helps in minimizing the risks by adhering to the stability requirements and decent knowledge on being safe from falling objects or tools. It also emphasizes the best practices on stable access on scaffolds and the complete potential hazards on scaffolds in the workplace.

The course delivers core knowledge on inspection and fall protection and equips the learners in detail for safe working. This course is designed to meet the demands of fulfilling the relevant standards and engineering procedures in the scaffolding operations.

The course has been designed with 4 units that broadly speak about the up-to-date content of best practices related to scaffold erection and structural integrity of the scaffold.

This part covers the basic aspects associated with scaffolding
1 Basic definitions of the scaffold
2 Legal Aspects covered on BS EN 12811-1:2003
3 The foundation to be laid for erection of scaffold to prevent the collapse
4 Different types of ties used in scaffolding to ensure the stability of the scaffold during the activities
5 Basic requirements of the temporary work platform on scaffold

This part covers the different components of scaffolding activity involved during the erection

1 Different types of ladders used on scaffold for the safe access and egress
2 Different lifting techniques of the small components of scaffold and also their handling methodology
3 Different ropes, knots and hitches used during the erection of scaffold
4 The safe method of lowering the components used during the scaffold erection

This section covers the challenges that are faced during the erection of scaffold

1 The organizational requirements and different working method on scaffold
2 The hazard associated with the erections and obstacles associated during the scaffolding erection
This unit covers the different types of scaffold and their uses
1 The types of scaffold like independent tied scaffold, Putlog scaffold, Birdcage access scaffold, tower scaffold and system scaffold.


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