NEBOSH International Diploma Webinar – by Green World Group

Hosted by Mr.Shankar Sreekumar, Dip.RSA, Grad IOSH,Msc,MBA, SIIRSM,NEBOSH Lead Tutor,

CEO – Green World Group of companies.

This Q/A session is a part of the free webinar session of NEBOSH International Diploma (iDip) conducted by Green World Group with Key speaker Mr.Shankar Sreekumar, CEO- Green World Group of companies, with Mr.Dilip Madurai, Grad IOSH, Sr HSE Tutor/ Consultant.

1. If they don’t have any field experience or the safety knowledge, what would be the difficulty level if they have with the course? It is mandatory to have some level of experience or can be go with just a qualification and just do this diploma?

Now, when I say about experiences, I will not say that, fresher can’t do this okay. But here, what happens at definitely experience do count, but here what happens? ….That’s how, how our material has been structured. By going through our particular study materials you will have a clear idea on what that subject is.

Let’s say an example about fire: That’s one of the major topics in this diploma … In our study materials that we have clearly defined what is a fire ? and what are the hazards associated with it? ,How it can change the life? Etc. By going through those study materials, they will have a clear idea about the subject itself and moreover. That’s where the experienced tutors come in. That’s where your experience assistance comes. You have to consider, and we will make sure that you understand the topic and you can write it.

And I always say that it’s always see every courses do request some prerequisites, but regularly IGC, which is a basic one, which do definitely cover a lot of topics that are really included in this diploma. So if you have an IGC, definitely it is going to help. And if you have some bit of experience, you will be able to correlate many of those scenario questions with your day-to-day activities. So I’m not saying that any NEBOSH diplomas completely for a highly experienced person. No…. You can definitely do that”.

And moreover, here it’s completely an OPEN ASSESSMENT. You have your chance to refer the books, get the right answer, drafted in your own words, and then you can write it. So if you have a referencing capacity, if you know, to refer the books, if you know, to go through the books subjects, you can definitely write it.

2.Assessment paper will be same to all applicants, or it is participant specific?

ASSESSMENT are going to be the same…..

If there are a thousand students registered worldwide, all the thousand students will get the same question paper. So that’s why I said, make sure that you don’t copy from anything.

Your answers should be perfectly written by you. So definitely you will be able to make a beautiful answer.

3. Do we have to start with ID1 or we can register for ID two?

You will have to start with ID1, then subsequently we also will come to know, and you may be able to register for other exams in the coming time.

4. Can I be informed about payment module and fees?

Definitely, you can definitely contact with our team member, they will be clearly informing you. When I say about this, this is a completely, this is the piece that don’t take it as, say a marketing or anything. I’m not here for marketing, but I will tell you something that is interesting. One simple story.

The NEBOSH courses are available in the market from different rates. Okay. Or you can get it for. 400, 300 or 500 or whatever it is. But I have seen some unfortunate students who have come to us, and gone and then joined with, any other providers for $50 or $10, but later on, they came back. Because when you, when they fail, you will be spending triple of that for your re- sit examination center. So maybe that’s why I said previously, Choose the right people.

I am not saying that you should come to us, but do a background research.

5. I have completed my NVQ level five. Can we say this NEBOSH diploma is NVQ ?

Now it has almost gone as an NVQ level, so I would say it’s an equal level is completely where it is purely based on the portfolio thing, where they will be giving you assignments, you have to complete it, but now it has come up something similar to an NVQ level.

6. Is it necessary to complete IGC before proceeding for diploma?

I would say YES, because NEBOSH IGC will definitely give you an idea.

I’m showing you an example right away. – Leadership question.

NEBOSH health and safety leadership and excellence – this is one of the course of NEBOSH,

In this one, different kinds of leaders has been clearly mentioned. So that means that having a previous study or prior having some previous information about NEBOSH HSW, all these are only on add on things for you.

So it’s always advisable. “If you have NEBOSH IGC, it’s always a good thing.”

7. Is NEBOSH IGC mandatory to do NEBOSH iDip?

It is recommended that you do an IGC for two reasons.

NEBOSH IGC – It’s like a preparatory level qualification, which even gets you to the habit of appearing for an Open-Book Examination. Now, it’s the same concept that is there for international diploma as well. So it’s in the case of the new international diploma it’s a bit more advanced. If you completed the NEBOSH IGC Exam and waiting for the results, they have also seen what the scenario-based question is. If you have attempted that then your approach to the new international diploma is already half easy because you know what to expect in terms of an assessment methodology. So this is what helps you to approach the new international diploma in one way.

And the second reason was, you are allowed to use any form of resources.

8. Can I use materials of the old specification for the new specification as well?

Yes. It will look different in terms of the syllabus structure. However, the content is just the same when, we get to the actual qualification itself, when it is available for learning from first June onwards, you will see that it’s a lot of the syllabus has been rearranged.

Some of it has been removed or added in, but there is nothing like an absolute learning material. Everything forms as part of your learning literature. And specifically when you’re going in for an open book exam, you can always refer to literature and reflect on your answers, but just like we have done it for IGC, When you refer materials, make sure that you make a source reference : from where you have taken the concept / script.

9. What are the word limit for the answer for each answer?

There is a word limit mentioned over there on your question, like thousand words, 500 words, 700 words that will be purely mentioned

10. Which syllabus will be comparatively easy? As we have a chance to register for all the syllabus we’ll do late.

  • If you have a good learning power memory power, go to the older method where you can go to British council and you can write. That’s can be quite costly sometimes because British council fees, every time we will have to pay and the member, Once you registered for the older syllabus, you cannot register for new syllabus and you have to wait till that expiry period is gone, then you can go for your new syllabus.
  • But those who want to refer the books and write, go for the new syllabus.

11. What about the result?

The result will be announced by NEBOSH after 60 working days or 80 working days.

12. What time is the normally being followed for training sessions as students are from different zone?

We have different sessions for different localities, so don’t worry at all. And moreover. We have recorded training sessions, which you can sit in anywhere in this world. And you can watch through your mobile phone.

13. Do you provide hard copy materials or softcopy?

We do provide soft copy materials. We normally don’t have a hard copy materials, but you can definitely take printouts if you require.

14. Will there be any help guidance from Institute to complete our assessment after?

No, we are not allowed to do that. You’re asking for some malpractice, right? Just now I said, no malpractice, sorry.

15. I am waiting for NEBOSH IGC result for the month of June, but can I apply?

Yes, you can apply/ register for your diploma even though your IGC results has not yet come. You can start continuing your studies.

16. I have a knowledge on safety as much required, but during writing time, what if there are some grammatical mistakes?

Yes, absolutely not a problem now a days when you’re using Microsoft word blue lines, red lines will help you to identify the grammatical mistakes and you can easily, and there is a software called the Grammarly, which you can install free, which will tell you all the grammar, mistakes and spelling mistakes. So don’t worry about it.

17. How many chances I do have to pass this exam?

For every unit, you get two chances in year. So 5*2 is 10 chances for every, within five years, you have 10 chances for every unit.

18. Can I write assignment for ID2 AND ID3 before taking anyone?

Yes. You can go any paper as you want.

19. Whether this new syllabus is going to be approved, by NEBOSH or, how is it going to affect the memberships, particularly with IOSH ?

This is the credible information that even NEBOSH have shared over the last week. The new specification is, already under the final stages of approval or as done with all the qualifications that are given by the NEBOSH. This will be approved by SQA ( Scottish Qualifications Association).


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