ITOL Online Training Courses

ITOL Online Training Courses

Green World’s revolutionary introduction of the ITOL Online Training Program. Elevate your training skills to the next level with the industry’s pioneers.

ITOL Courses


Certified Lifting Engineer

This course focuses mainly on lifting operation happening in the industry which would help the competent person to carry out the activities with adequate precautions.


Certified Scaffolding Supervisor

This course focuses mainly on scaffolding operations happening in the various industry activities which will help the competent person to carry out the operations with sound precautions.

Certified Senior Incident Investigator

This course focuses on fixing the worker to prevent accidents and incidents from occurring.

Train the Trainer Certification

This course is ideal for people who are new to training carrying out training with no or little previous development in train the trainer.

Certified Safety Practitioner in Occupational Safety & Health

This course will provide an introduction to OHS legislation, workplace hazards, and the administration of organizational health and safety practices.


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