Certified Safety Practitioner in Occupational Safety & Health

Certified Safety Practitioner in Occupational Safety and Health Course (Enrollment from India)

This course is intended to provide a piece of comprehensive knowledge and a fair understanding of ethical, legislative, technical, & management aspects of health and safety practices pertaining to human resources. If you are looking to have a strong foundation in occupational health and safety standards and efficiently tackle the challenge of complex occupational health issues, this course is more relevant to you.

The course is offered in 9 units which at the end of the course help in gaining professional competence in the workplace regarding safety.

1 Introduction to Safety Management
2 Elements of Health and Safety Management System
3 OSHAS 18001 Health & Safety standards
4 Roles and Responsibilities
5 Contractors
6 Training
7 Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
1 Human Factors and Safety
2 Behavioral Modification
3 Developing Personnel Resilience
1 Risk Assessment Definition
2 Risk Assessors & Criteria for a Suitable and Sufficient Assessment
3 Carrying out a Risk Assessment
1 Permit to Work – Definition and Types
2 Permit to Work – Sections
3 Lock out Tag Out
1 Accident/Incident definition
2 Accident Investigation in Detail
3 Accident /Incident Investigation – Lessons learned
1 Permit to Work – Definition and Types 2 Permit to Work – Sections 3 Lock out Tag Out
1 Health & Safety at Work Law
2 Managing Health and Safety at work
3 The workplace
4 Slips & Trips
5 Fire Safety
6 Work at Height
7 Building work
1 Machinery Safety
2 Plant and Equipment maintenance
3 Gas and Oil Fired Equipment
4 Pressurized Plant and Equipment
5 Workplace Transport
6 Lifting and handling
1 Noise
2 Vibration
3 Electricity
4 Radiation
5 Harmful Substances
6 Flammable and Explosive Substances
1 Managing Health
2 Safe Ways of Working
3 Selection and Training
4 Contractors and Agency Workers
5 Special Group of Workers
6 Personnel Protective Equipment
7 Accidents and Emergencies
8 Confined Space
9 Health & Safety Audit


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    About the program – major goals behind the course and outcomes of learning

    The curriculum has been developed with a major emphasis on elevating the safety standards through equipping the learners with an understanding of occupational health and safety legislation, potential hazards in the workplace, and the administration of organizational health and safety practices. Successful completion of this course allows the students to have well hands-on:

    • Besides regulation and moral responsibility, great insights into historical, moral, economical, legislative, and enforcement measures make a health and safety system complete and well managed. This course allows students to anticipate, recognize and develop knowledge in these areas.
    • Demonstrate to the learners a good understanding of the regulatory framework that revolves around occupational health and safety.
    • Recognize and understand the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the workplace in terms of occupational health and safety.
    • Detailed knowledge of safety management technical aspects that include hazard recognition, assessment, management, and control.
    • Identify, recognize, categorize, and get educated on various potential hazards in the work environment.
    • Assessing hazards, having efficient control over them, and being good at managing them in the workplace
    • A better understanding of the fundamental measures of employees/workers protection and knowledge on applying them in the workplace.
    • Conduct and analyze risk assessments, and identify the aspects pertaining to incidents/accidents.
    • Identify the possible root causes for the hazards or accidents and the ability to establish correlations for preventing them.
    • The capability of proficient management of an occupational health and safety program in the workplace.
    • Implement the best practices that are mandatory for a health and safety management system.
    • Develop knowledge of the importance of human resource professionals as a major part of successful organizational health and safety. This comprises training, disability management, culture, program development, etc.

    Who can undergo this CPDSO CSP-OSH certification?

    This program can be of best value to the ambitious students who look to upgrade professional knowledge and get most of the safety training experiences. Often safety training is recommended for the employees, no matter how they are skilled in their workmanship. For the great success of workers and organizations, it is always important to have profound knowledge of the safety in the work environment and related hazards.

    Up-skilling and staying relevant to the necessary compliances of the industry defines the growth and success path of individuals. The key to the right upgrading of yourself is knowing the best routes and paths required for nourishing career growth. While it is true that there is drastic growth in technologies, continuously upgrading will help in meeting the skill gaps.

    When it comes to a wealthy experience in the industry, it certainly covers your exposure to qualitative professional training.

    Do you know? In a year, nearly 3 million people suffer from illnesses or injuries which are directly related to their work environment. It is really sad to know that almost 20 persons met with and lost their lives in preventable accidents when involved in their day-to-day jobs. In fact, there is a mandated rule to provide due care for employees and visitors on the work premises as per the Health and safety work Act of 1974.

    Whether you are a job seeker or self-employed or an employee in an organization, it is essential to gain knowledge and skills that are very vital to your work environment. In addition, it is also important that you have the fundamental knowledge of protecting yourself and other subordinates in your surroundings. For this, you need abilities to report hazards and observe defects in the workplace. All these necessitate the need for the right safety programs in place.

    HSE as per CSP-OSH online program – What is this?

    HSE stands for the explanation of Health, Safety, and Environment. These three aspects – Health, Safety, and Environment, although they are three separate issues, now come together within oil companies. All these three subjects hold high importance in the petroleum industry.

    HSE management is a dedicated area that has a major focus to manage, control and handle all those aspects related to health, safety, and the environment in the petroleum industry. This agenda has a very clear and focused area on avoiding major accidental risks.

    HSE certification is gaining popularity and it stands as a unique certification in the field of engineering, science department, technology, art and medicine, oil and gas, administration and management, banking and finance.

    Since this is majorly related to identifying specific environmental potential hazards, the certification is quite useful in preventing harm or damage to people, property, and the environment.

    As safety in the workplace is often considered a very fundamental responsibility for any individual or organization, earning this certification ensures you stand apart from the competition. In fact, those who have completed this course stand to have a high success rate of 95% to get hired in their dream job or get promoted.