Introduction to NEBOSH OBE (Open Book Examination)

NEBOSH has introduced a new format of assessment for “International General Certificate” i.e. online “Open Book Examination”; unlike the paper-based examination, this format represents a reliable array of real-time scenario questions that needs the learners to express the application of their skills with underpinning HSE knowledge. After the online OBE assessment, a closing interview will be conducted by the learning partners (Green World Group) to confirm that the documents submitted are done by himself/herself during the exam session. Also, the Interviewer might ask some questions regarding the subject.

What is NEBOSH Open Book Exam?

NEBOSH Online Open Book Examination can be undertaken at your personal comfortable space without any disturbance via a digital medium (PC, Laptop, or any other smart devices). Candidate can make use of their textbook/course provider notes/internet as resources to know to understand the question and give the most appropriate answer to the given scenario/questions and complete the exam in the given time.

Copy-paste from any resource will lead to failure in the exam. Each question is unique and based on a real-time workplace scenario, as the main objective of the NEBOSH Open Book Examination is to ensure and know how the candidate is well versed in using health and safety at the workplace.

Structure of NEBOSH IGC Open Book Examination

NEBOSH Open Book Examination is designed to fetch the knowledge from candidate what they have understood during their course time and not what they know form their syllabus, as the use of NEBOSH IGC course is purely application based. The question may contain a real-time scenario issue at the workplace, in which the candidate will have to know, understand the question, analyze and give an appropriate answer for that issue and give the best solution to it.

Question pattern of NEBOSH Open Book Exam

The question pattern is purely based on the facts of the NEBOSH IGC syllabus and real-time scenario which are related to the syllabus. Understanding the syllabus and content while learning only will make it easier for the candidate to give the appropriate answers.

Duration of NEBOSH Open Book Exam

NEBOSH has allotted 24 hours to submit the OBE assessment and candidates can make use of the given time-frame to understand the question, to refer course materials, and give the appropriate answer, whereas candidates can also complete the exam within 4 to 5 hours.

Remember that the exam timing is set under the British Standard Timing (BST). The exam commences at 9 A.M. BST, the candidate should be careful with their country’s time and send the answers within 24 hours from 9 A.M. BST.

When the candidate will receive the login & when he/she can access?

The candidate will receive their login credentials to registered email id 3 days before the exam, which will first ask you to change the password. The candidate can access the “user tour” from the dashboard to know the exam process.

Steps to be taken on the day of NEBOSH OBE Exam

Do’s Don’ts
Private space Being with friends/family / crowded space
Good internet connection Poor internet connection
Appropriate gadgets, headphones, etc… Improper working devices
Course materials from the course provider, textbooks, e-learning resources Being with no appropriate material or poor reference material
Good mental and physical health Confused mindset
Positive attitude with confidence Negative attitude / Exam fear
Time management (Complete and submit within give time – 24 Hrs.) Wasting time (exceeding the given time)

Enrolment process with Green World Group for NEBOSH OBE

Safety aspirants can enroll with Green World Group by directly visit our nearest office (if possible) or contact us through WhatsApp, Email, Phone our academic councilors help you with the registration procedure. Also, we are happy to clear your doubts regarding the course.

FAQs on NEBOSH Open Book Exam

What is the closing interview and who will conduct the closing interview?

Be ready with Skype /zoom to attend the closing interview and have practiced before to use the application.

Be ready with your identity card to show to the interviewer and the most important thing is that the place you attend the interview should be a comfortable place without any external noise. Try to give your best answers by understanding the question properly as this closing interview plays a vital role in NEBOSH Open Book Examination. Be cool and give your best honestly to succeed in the exam.

The closing interview is usually conducted by the course provider to justify that you are the person who has undergone the examination.

If the candidate misses or delays the submission of Examination Answer Document? Is there any chance that he may get an excuse and his submission considered valid?

Candidates are supposed to complete the exam within 24 hours as the NEBOSH has strictly set 24 hours as exam timing, if the candidate fails to submit the answer in the given time, it will be considered as absent for the examination, so it’s better to submit the paper well in advance to avoid such circumstances. In case you have any issues in submitting the paper, do contact the course provider immediately. Once you complete the exam keep a copy of your exam papers for reference till you receive the result.

Open book Examination is in an online format, do the NEBOSH certificate has the same value as it was in the previous written Examination (invigilated paper-based examination)?

The syllabus, level of NEBOSH IGC is as same as before which ensure the best safety practice techniques for workplace

What is the pass mark going to be for this open book examination?

NEBOSH has fixed 45 as pass marks to get succeed.

Is this OBE applicable for other NEBOSH Courses?

To date, NEBOSH has transformed only NEBOSH IGC (IG1, IG2) as Open Book Examination which will be the permanent change.

When will I get my results?

After the completion of the exam, the candidate can expect the result after 50 UK working days. The results can be known from your concerned course provider, also the result will be sent to registered mail id.

Is this OBE format applicable for Resit old syllabus (2014 specification)?

NEBOSH Open Book Examination replaces NEBOSH IGC paper 1 (IG1). If the candidate gets a pass in IG1- it’s valid. Candidates registered 5 years before and not cleared yet will have to register again to resit for NEBOSH Open Book Examination as the time limit to complete NEBOSH IGC is 5 years from the date of registration. Do contact your course provider for further proceedings. The procedure is the same for IG2 paper too.

What happens if the candidate fails the OBE exam?

If the candidate fails in NEBOSH Open Book Exam, he /she will have to contact the course provider, register again, and reappear for the exam.

Why Student should prefer the Green World Group over other institutions?

Being the pioneer in HSE consultancy and training with 14+ years of greater experience in occupational health and safety field Green World Group, NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner is glad to provide tutor-led NEBOSH IGC virtual live classroom training globally with free E-learning access, audio lectures, and OBE simulation. Green World is the first health and safety institute to complete 1000+ NEBOSH IGC batches in India which shows our proficiency, one can know our quality of education from the honest reviews of students on social media.


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