Diploma in Food Safety

Diploma in Food Safety

Diploma in food safety with hospitality and food and beverage industries spreading its wings even in unexplored destinations across the world, it is imperative that food manufacturers and allied associates follow food safety standards, rules and policies to produce safe and healthy food to consumers.

Workers associated with food manufacturing units should have a sound knowledge on food safety risks, how to control such risks and effect and their devastating consequences. The course adopts science and risk-based approach to educate delegates about food safety hazards.

While dealing with an integrated and practical approach to the food safety management, the course also addresses specific aspects of food safety and risks associated in the production process, whether microbial, physical or chemical and measures to mitigate these risks.

The Diploma in Food Safety distance learning provides concise and unbiased overviews of the health and risks factors while covering a broad range of food safety chapters which are grouped under various following categories. Sciences and history that support food safety; Food borne diseases, which includes investigation and surveillance; Food borne hazards; latest development in food technologies; Substances used to make food; food commodities; and Food safety management systems.

Providing practical examples of incidents and their root causes, the Diploma in food safety and quality management also highlights pitfalls in food safety management and provides students with key insight into the means of avoiding them. The course is ideal for food safety managers who belong to different sectors such as processing, retail, transport, distribution and food services sector.

Course Overview

The Diploma in Food Safety certification is ideal for managers and supervisors working in food or drink manufacturing and processing environments, quality control members of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) team or management level employees with manufacturing business. For students who are aiming to become food safety experts can join this course to learn the nuances of food safety and other international and national safety and health standards. The training program makes the participants understand the importance of following and implementation of HACCP system in the manufacturing environment.

As the course also covers food hygiene and health at prescribed levels, it ensures learners to have an in-depth knowledge on hazard control, and helps them focus on the importance of developing, monitoring and implementing food safety principles.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Food Safety Management
  • Developing HACCP based system
  • Principle of safe food storage
  • Review of food safety
  • Development of HACCP based procedure
  • Evaluating HACCP procedure.
  • Workplace and personal hygiene and product safety
  • Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) food safety management systems
  • Workplace and personal hygiene and product safety
  • Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) food safety management systems

Candidates/ Delegates who successfully complete and obtain the National Diploma Course (approved by the Govt. of India) could further apply for a membership status with IIRSM. Awarding of the membership is at the discretion of IIRSM provided they have met the required guidelines for the same.

All candidates successfully completing the course will be issued Certificates & Mark lists by Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, Government of India.

The course is recognized in many countries. Also, the certification is considered one year increment to your educational qualification.

The certificate is also recognized to be attested by Indian consulate and Ministry of External Affairs, India & foreign affairs of several countries including in the Middle East region.


Are there any Seminars for Diploma in Food Safety Course?

Green World Group offers a 12-day seminar for students joining this course with an extra fee. The seminar will be held at Education Center in India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. This course also approved by the government of India (attendance is not mandatory) only when a prescribed number of candidates are enrolled for it.

Those who are aiming for the course can visit https://www.greenwgroup.com/enquiry-form and fill up their details so that necessary arrangements for the training can be made.

To clarify any doubts in the subjects expert tutors are available to students on all working days and students can contact them through emails or telephonic communication.

What are the certifications I will get after completing the tests and when do I get them?

Certificates will be issued to all successful candidates within 30 days from the declaration of results. Marks & Certificate will be issued by Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, promoted by the Government of India. Additional certificates will be given to candidates who secured distinctions and first class.

Is Diploma in Food and Safety Course government approved?

Diploma in Food Safety Course programme is promoted by BSS, a national development agency – Government of india. On successful completion of this training programme the candidate will receive certification from Central Board of Examination, Govt of India.

Is Diploma in Food Safety online course in India are available?

Yes, food safety online course in India can be availed through Online Learning / DistanceLearning / Part-time. Please Click the below button for Enquiry!! .


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