Safety Engineering

Green World Group is a multi-faceted health and safety service provider that guides its clients with a practical, non-dogmatic approach to safety engineering. We understand the importance of leveraging safety of high-end processes of a company and how it benefits them in the long run. By ensuring minimum damage to the tools and machinery of an organization, we can help them reduce operational cost and at the same time prevent accidents or mishaps that affect people and the environment. Maintaining an environment that fosters healthy and safe working atmosphere helps you in building a reputation of an organization that is well aware of it corporate responsibility.

Our Strengths

We employ a team of highly skilled health and safety experts that have experience in handling global projects. The solutions developed by them are based on extensive research and careful implementation and cater to all the parameters of safety engineering.

What are the benefits of Safety Engineering?


  • The health and safety plans developed by us enable you to achieve acceptable levels of plant safety and compliance to regulatory standards.

  • Our experience in handling health and safety projects of all sizes and in association with industries of all types assists you in providing highest levels of safety to your industrial plants. We choose only the best and most effective solutions that are customized to your needs.

  • Machinery failure and downtimes are quite common in the industrial sector and it’s hard to prevent them from occurring. How GWG helps you is by diminishing the consequential effects of these failures.

Why GWG for Safety Engineering?


  • Duly qualified and experienced health and safety consultants who have a hands-on experience on an array of safety procedures.

  • Highly trained experts in the safety engineering methodologies like HAZOPS, HAZID, FTA etc.

  • Knowledge of all the compliance and safety standards.

  • Competence to react in emergency situations and formulate strategies to counter the most severe challenges.

How do we make a difference?

We work in coordination with your team to deal with all kinds of potential risks and establish a system to mitigate those risks. We chalk-out a safety-lifecycle chart that encompasses everything from initial risk modelling to implementation of safety management system. We also advise government bodies on legal liabilities and policies and the principles of security at the workplace.